Erectile Dysfunction – What is ED?

First to clear some facts – impotence and Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is not the same thing. While impotence is related only to inability to achieve and preserve the erection, ED is something more serious and can include many disorders related to penile functioning. Erectile Dysfunction is not linked only to aging. Actually, men of any age can undergo the ED. Read more to better understand the ED and the ways to successfully treat it.

Erectile Dysfunction can be divided into three types:

ED with only brief erections – It’s state in which man is unable to maintain erection long enough for a normal sexual intercourse. In the beginning, everything looks just fine, there is a desire, there is an excitement and there is an erection. But when actual intercourse begins, erections lasts only for a brief period of time. This could be due to decreased creation of Nitric Oxide and related cGMP. Cialis (Tadalafil) can help in most cases of these ED types.

ED with occasional erections – The state in which man can get fairly well erections but not every time. Sometimes everything is ok, but sometimes everything goes down.

ED with permanent erection problems – The most serious condition of erectile dysfunction. is total inability to produce an erection. Alone or with their sexual partners, those with permanent ED just can’t get en erection. Luckily, with today’s medicine progress, most of this cases can be successfully cured. Read more to see how Cialis can help you with erectile dysfunction treatment.

Erection and how it’s achieved

The most significant part of erection goes to two penile compartments (corpus cavernosum). Corpus cavernosum is located thorough the full length of the penile body. Compartments are build from spongy tissues filled with smooth muscles, arteries, veins and fibrous tissues.

With your sexual excitement, brain starts sending signals to your nerves to produce Nitric Oxide, thus allowing corpus cavernosum to relax its muscles. With muscles relaxation, blood flow enters and fills the empty spaces in corpus cavernosum. The pressure, created from the circulated blood, causes the chambers to inflate and produce an erection. There is also a small membrane around, that traps the blood inside corpus cavernosum, keeping an erection long enough for intercourse.

Erectile Dysfunction is related to all the problems in this process, causing the improper erections. Cialis cures the ED by inhibiting the unwanted enzymes (PDE5), thus allowing the creation of Nitric Oxide. With Cialis (Tadalafil) in the blood, penile smooth muscles are relaxed long enough for blood to enter its chambers and produce the proper erection.

Erectile Dysfunction Diagnosis

To successfully diagnose the ED, there are few factors that must be included into observation:

Sexual and Medical history – Doctor must follow both to successfully define actual erectile dysfunction cause. Examining the medical history, doctor can find possible diseases that induce ED. With sexual history doctor can find many psychological causes of ED, like insufficient sexual desire, lack of self-confidence, etc. There could be also problems in reaching an orgasm or ejaculating after it (also related to ED). All kinds of illegal and prescribed drugs could also cause ED. So everything must be observed for successful ED treatment. Take CialisĀ® into consideration as most successful way of treating the ED.

Physical Condition – Examining patient’s Physical Condition, doctor can diagnose many system difficulties. Hormonal problems could be diagnosed by observing inordinate breast enlargement or hair pattern. Or for example, simple shape of the penis can be related to inability to produce an erection. Curved or bended penis during erection, can point to Peyronie’s disease. Decreased pulse may point to problems with blood circulation, etc.

Psychosocial State – Patient must be presented with questionnaire and interviewed afterwards for successful ED diagnose. It could be done with patient alone or even better in presence of sexual partner. This way, all relevant psychological factors are included into observation. Doctor must also question the patient’s actual expectations in term of successful sexual intercourse. Not everybody’s expectations are the same, and averaging the results could lead to unproductive diagnose of ED.

Laboratory Results – To detect common systemic diseases, patient must perform laboratory tests. Testing the testosterone levels, amount of creatinine, unwanted enzymes, lipid profile or blood counts can in most cases lead to proper erectile dysfunction diagnosis.

Other factors – Everybody knows that healthy man have uncontrolled erections during the sleep. By observing the patient during the REM phases of the sleep, doctor can find the potential cause of ED. Is it physical or psychological reason for ED, could be easily found this way.

Cialis (Tadalafil) is the most reliable solution in today’s medicine for erectile dysfunction treatment. Its effects last up to 3 times more than competing products on the market.