Create Great Content

We all know that the key to success of any blog or website lies in the unique and compelling content. Making people want to read it can become a real challenge for anyone and a formidable obstacle on your way to making your blog/website popular. However, some people try to resolve this problem flooding their posts with original but completely incomprehensible articles full of meaningless keywords for improving SEO ratings. And that is obviously the wrong way for achieving your goal. Your content should not only be original but also readable and helpful for your target audience. Here I’d like to share some of the crucial points you might have in mind when starting to write a new post or article.

Define the Purpose

Before starting to write ask yourself a question: “What is the purpose of this text?” You need to have a clear understanding of the main idea you want to share with your readers and the approach you’re going to use to do it. People usually search for some specific answers to their specific questions. In other words, there’s a problem to be solved and every search engine tries to present as many solutions as possible. So, your post should offer some helpful information for your readers, otherwise they’ll simply ignore it. The tricky part here is to offer an original piece of advice, not just write about well-known and obvious facts.

Mind the Format

Keep in mind that your text should be easy to read. Just get into your reader’s shoes and recall your actions in a similar situation. When you need to find some piece of information and there are hundreds of posts on the topic you’re interested in you don’t thoroughly read each one of them. You scan the whole text and look for the necessary information. Your reader will do the same, so use paragraphs or lists in order to make it easy for him to look about. Subheadings will serve you well when trying to make the text more comprehensive.

Include Support Information

In order to make your content trustworthy you might want to provide some proofs of additional information. Use numerical data, facts from reliable and reputable sources, and quotes of famous people. This approach will help you to make your text more vivid and believable. You may also include jokes to highlight the point you’re trying to make if it’s appropriate.

Headline is Something for You to Sweat Over

You can’t even imagine how many posts of great content are ignored because of the bad headlines. You have to understand that your headline is the first thing people will see. If it is a weak one there’s very low probability of them continue reading the whole post. So, take your time and think carefully. There’s a trend of stating an urgent problem in headline and asking a way to resolve it. This is a good way to attract readers’ attention. But there’s plenty of others; try to find the one that fits best for your content.

Grammar Nazis are Watching You!

Be sure to proofread your texts before you publish them. It can be very disappointing to find someone’s comment not regarding the essence of your post, but your grammar mistakes. I’ve seen it happen numerous times, and it’s especially embarrassing if you’re writing on academic topics or making a book reviews. This kind of work is no fun and takes a lot of your precious time, so if you want to speed the process up you can always use the help of online writing resource (such as, for example).

Don’t Post Immediately

Today your post might seem perfect for you. But will it tomorrow? Don’t rush to share your creativity with the world an instant you finished writing it. Leave it for some time and cope with your other duties. You’ll see there will be something that slipped your attention the first time you read it.

There are countless tips on writing a good content you can find on the web. These are the most important ones from my point of view. You’re welcome to conduct your own research on this topic and maybe find some of the additional information that can be used for your advantage. Just remember to remain honest with yourself and your readers.