Working from Home

The decision to work from home may be a good idea. You will have flexible working hours and will save money from transportation costs. Yet, there are a lot of hidden troubles that you can run into. Read the list of What- to- Avoid things and try to change your attitude if you are making some of these mistakes.

Staying aside from the community.

One of the possible reasons why the idea of working from home seems so enchanting is that you don’t need to communicate with people that you don’t like, just because they are your co- workers. But with the time, the long working hours alone and the lunches alone you will take once again alone, may make you miserable. To talk and share with other people is deeply implanted in the human breast. There is a serious danger for you to become antisocial, so you will have to pay attention. That is why you should go out with friends more often. Try to communicate as much as possible, even with strangers in the grocery or on the street.

The business coach should not turn you into a coach potato.

Having a day routine is never a good thing. Especially if your day starts with getting out of bed and sitting in front of the computer, and ends with standing from the computer and laying in bed. Don’t forget to move. No matter if we are talking about swimming, running, yoga, tennis and some other activity, just pick one that is interesting for you and do it every day.

The distraction.

When you are at work you can not accept an invitation of a friend to go out. Maybe if you are working from home, you may be tempted to have as many breaks as you would like. After all this may not be a good idea! This is a work like any other, so you should stay focused. Make all your friends, family members and neighbors realize that and do not bother you during your working hours.

The co- workers feel too comfortable at your place.

If the situation in which you are working suggests team meeting from time to time, don’t allow the others to get convenient at your home. This way you will prevent your property from damages. For example, what if they decide it is fine to get in with their shoes on? This may harm your carpet. What if they feel you as an housemaid not like their co- worker and constantly want coffee or tea, or even something to eat? Set up rules you are comfortable with in the begging in order to avoid the strange unpleasant situation in the future.

Mix the working tasks with the domestic ones.

Set up a plan according to an eight- hour working day. Otherwise you are taking a risk to interrupt your work because the washing machine is over and you have to dry the laundry. If you get distracted it will take time until you focus again. You can’t allow yourself getting out of working rhythm during the day. Set strict working hours and follow the schedule. For example, if you don’t like to wake up early start from 10 o’clock. Stop an hour at lunch and then continue till 8 pm. During the morning hours you can take a shower and clean a little. During the lunch break, it is fine to eat something outside with friends.

People who say that you work harder for yourself than for the others are absolutely right. So make sure that you are not going to turn yourself into a workaholic. Take it easy and give the needed rest to your body and mind. This way you will stay sharp and competitive.

[box_light]Emma has over ten years of experience in running business from home. Her cleaning agency CleanToPerfection provides reliable cleaning services in London. When Emma is not working she likes to write and read.[/box_light]