Address Verification Software

Some direct mail marketers may whine that email and the Internet are killing their industry. But direct mail is 30 times more likely to receive a customer response compared to email, reports the Direct Marketing Association. Advances in technology have served to benefit direct mail marketing, with address checking software helping to improve data quality and increase the amount of qualified leads reached with each campaign. Before purchasing address verification software, ensure it’s going to deliver exactly what you need by keeping these considerations in mind:

Ease of Use

There’s no point in getting address verification software if it’s too complicated for anyone to use. Take a look at the user interface, the method involved in checking addresses, the amount of manual input needed to verify an address, and the documentation available for the software. If the company has training programs available, they can take some of the load off of your business resources.


Generally, pricing varies depending on the size of your organization, the exact type of address verification software you’re purchasing, and the number of software licenses you purchase. You’ll need to talk to a sales representative to get a quote tailored to your needs. Make sure to ask about any volume discounts you can get with your software package.

Data de-duplication

Address verification software provider QAS reports up to two thirds of customer data is tainted in one way or another, whether by input error or data inaccuracy. One particularly troublesome data inaccuracy comes from duplicated records in your customer address database. Other ways to improve data quality within the address database include updating address information for Zip +4, changing the format of abbreviations (such as road and street) to the exact terms the post office uses, and flagging entries that don’t have a specific name associated with them.

Seamless integration

Customer relationship management software has a place in businesses of all sizes. Some verification software comes with integration options and add-ons that allow the verification features to run within the framework of CRM software. These tools do add to the overall cost of the software, but the price is quickly returned when you start running your CRM databases against the database verification tool.

International compatibility

The overseas market has business opportunities ranging from specialized services to local product distribution. However, deciphering the postal formats of a variety of countries takes time away from crafting your marketing campaigns and day-to-day business tasks. Instead of struggling with overseas postal complexities, find an address verification software that handles this problem for you.

Do you use address verification software in your business? What made you buy the software package you selected? Share in the comments.