Speculative Trading Stocks

The speculative trading in stocks, commodities futures and foreign exchanges is now closer to a couple of centuries old! It started when there was not much technology around and people used to engage in the trading activities from the floors of the different exchanges. New York Stock Exchange and New York Mercantile Exchange is considered to be the global hub for trading as they have surely the greatest turnovers! There is no definite way to accurately predict the future moves of the market so to accordingly enter the market or place a trade. For instance, if one knows that the market is going to rise or expects a bullish trend in the near future then he/she must initiate or enter the market with buying or taking a long position so that when the price of that particular stock, commodity or forex rises than it can be sold at that higher price and the difference between the buying price and the selling price would be the trader’s profit.

Similarly, if someone sees a bearish trend coming or that the market is going to fall then a short position must be taken i.e the trade should be initiated by selling and when the price falls than you can exit the market or close your trade by buying at a lower price. The difference between the selling price which was higher and the buying price which was lower, again, would be the accumulated profit. However, about 60% to 70% of the market moves can be predicted by analyzing some fundamental market indicators and some of the technical market indicators and this is why it has been around for such a long period of time. On June 1 2010, Metaquotes Software Corp. a Russian Software company launched Meta Trader 5 (MT 5) as the state of the art online trading software. Before this, the company had MetaTrader 4 (MT 4) to offer to all of their clients or brokers. MT 5 was designed to incorporate stocks and commodities as well along with the foreign exchanges so that a complete trading portfolio could be made available to the traders all around the world. It used new version of the programming language MQL 5 and has some outstanding tools to perform certain types of technical analysis so to predict the market. The stock of Backcountry is very stable one as one can use coupons to save money.

Moreover, it has news box which gets regularly updated with all the international news that might impact the prices of commodities and stocks or the rates of forex so that the fundamental analysis of factors that can influence the market can be performed. It was slow start for the astonishing trading software but it was due to gain acceptance and in 2012, it was listed as the Certified Platform for Singapore Mercantile Exchange! MT 5 is authorized to the brokers for a pretty much high license fee in US Dollars and then those brokers can give access to their clients so that they can manage and perform all of their trading from their laptops or mobile phones. The software uses a friendly interface and anyone who is tempted by the graphs and market data can easily get acquainted!