Viral Marketing Content

Every blogger or Internet marketer would dream that their content create a sensation on the internet. In other words it will be shared by billions of web users, thus resulting in better traffic to your site. It’s what makes a brand successful and stay in readers’ minds for months or years to come. No matter what your concept is, it should be simple and create curiosity in readers. If you’re successful in doing this, your readers are likely to share it. But it’s not as easy as it seems to be. Listed below are some easy tips to make your content go viral.

Make it easy to share

If readers are not comfortable in sharing your content then it doesn’t go anywhere at all. Social media platforms like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook have taken the world by lead. Thus, using these networks to share your content and make it go viral can be an added advantage. Social sharing buttons are crucial for getting your content to go viral. Placing share buttons at the start and end of your page would enable readers to click on them as they are visible from anywhere in the article. And sometimes it’s even easy to leave a note “if you liked this, please share it.”

Outline the benefits or Incentives in the Title

One of the best ways to make readers feel your content interesting is to let them know what problems they have to face in not following its tips or guidelines. Once the reader makes up his/her mind to go through its tips, he/she will tend to share it with as many people as possible.

Some title examples that outline the benefits include “The Best ways to secure your data in the Cloud” or “How to secure your Social media accounts from hacking”. Explaining the problem first and then describing different ways to fix them will not only educate the readers but also makes your content popular.

Capture the latest news

By creating content with the latest rocking news, you not only earn more page views but also increase the possibilities of becoming it viral. Another great benefit of doing this is that search engines always prefer fresh and latest-news related content.

Add visual elements

People love stunning visual elements. When your content has amazing pictures, it is likely to be shared. On social networks, when you share or post something on your wall, Facebook and Google+ extract the pictures from the content. If these extracted images look attractive on Facebook and Twitter, people are likely to share them. If your content is very short but has an engaging visual elements in it, such as infographics or videos, it will certainly enhance the page views and let your content go viral. Also, readers would prefer videos and infographics over the usual boring text.

URL shortening

Twitter tools like allow you to shorten and customize your URL which directs the user to the same page as the lengthy URL does. It’s easy for people to remember and share such URLs on Twitter and Facebook where there is limited usage of characters.

Let your readers speak

Content on the web cannot go anywhere without audience. And audience show no interest on a site unless they are allowed to express themselves. Giving readers an opportunity to communicate with the author makes them feel the content gripping and interesting. Hence, you need to add a comments section in all of your posts so that if a reader wants to contact you, he/she can always do it easily through your site’s contact page.

Know your customer

In order to ensure your content goes everywhere, you need to keep track of your website’s stats and database to understand your targeted audience and their likes. This will help you in crafting a content that meets the readers’ expectations.

Make your content error-free

Readers are interested in content which is fresh, unique, engaging, informative and error-free. So, once you’re done with your research work and have composed an article, make sure to check it for errors before posting it.

Create catchy headlines

Headline is the most inspiring part of your content on the web. It should possess the power to retain your audience for really long. Headlines also inform the readers what the article is about. Attractive and informative headlines add more weightage to your content on search engines and help your content to go viral.

Get an Influencer

Start building relationships with the influencers in your specific industry. You can contact them via networks like Google +, LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook. Retweet their work, share them on Facebook or add a positive comment on their page. In return, you could request them to share your content with their audience.

With these effective tips you will surely be successful with your content viral marketing across the globe.

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