Professional Answer Service

The owner of any business needs a reliable way to take product orders from customers as well as solve customer issues in a prompt manner. There are many business owners who use call center answering services to handle these tasks. But, an answering service can serve a lot of other purposes. Take a look at how some business owners are using their answering service to increase their profits.

Advertising a New Product

Most customers who are calling into an answering service want to place an order for a product. This is an ideal time for the operator to let the customer know about a brand new product. For instance, say a person is calling the answering service of a household appliance store to place an order for a vacuum cleaner hose. While taking the customer’s pertinent information the operator can let him or her know about a unique new vacuum filter now available at the online store. After hearing about some of the features of the product, the customer may be enticed to try it. Even if a customer doesn’t purchase a new product, he or she may call back to order it sometime in the future.

Suggestive Selling

When a customer calls into a business’ answering service to place an order, there is an opportunity for the business to make another sale. The operator who takes the order can suggest another item that would pair well with the product the customer is purchasing. For instance, say a customer is calling to place an order for a cardigan sweater at an online clothing store. The operator takes the order in an efficient way and politely suggests two or three skirts that would go well with the sweater. Of course, the customer may not want to order anything else. However, it’s always possible that the customer is looking for something else and decides to add a skirt to the order. If this happens, the operator’s attempt at suggestive selling has proven successful! By telling operators to suggestive sell, a business owner may be able to garner more sales without spending additional money on advertising.

Finally, a business owner with an answering service staffed by professional, courteous operators is establishing a valuable reputation for excellent customer service. An answering service can prove to be much more than a way to accept product orders.