Visual Content Marketing

In more ways than one, visual marketing is definitely more powerful than verbal marketing. Using different forms of visuals like pictures and videos enhance content marketing to a great deal. Surprisingly, even as we approach 2013, a number of marketers and brand managers do not understand the power of videos and other forms of visuals.

Here are some records that will tell you why visual marketing is considered to be more effective in the long run.

  1. Numerous marketers (about 95%) think that visual content is crucial for marketing online.
  2. 89% of individuals are either using visual content already or planning to use them.
  3. 87% of individuals also believe in using visual content as a tool for tradition marketing.
  4. About 96.7% of people think that visual content is the best source to engage social media.
  5. Matter Communications CEO – Scott Signore, believes most brands witness great engagement with customers when deploying visual content in their marketing disciplines, in public and social relations.

The magic of pleasing the eye

Whether it is teaching or marketing, visual impacts are more likely to succeed than the impact of reading or listening. There is something magical about the eye. It seems to fall prey to what it sees. So, as an efficient marketer, you could target a customer’s eye rather than his ears.

Video marketing

Video marketing is the most efficient way of visual marketing. It is very basic, simplistic but a true method of marketing. People love to see things and experience the reality than reading about them.

Here are some good reasons why you should take on video marketing.

  1. Video marketing helps you be more varied and flexible. This is owing to the fact that what one sees tends to stick in the minds longer and is definitely more appealing. You can mix your ideas, make new themes and intelligently disguise the way you want to show yourself in video marketing. Sometimes, playful video marketing tends to be more appealing than ordinary ones. Certain advertisements are watched by people over and over again just to realize and enjoy the funny concept in it.
  1. Reaching your audience in a better way is possible with video marketing. Presenting a theme in the video format is easier and more understandable than wording it. You can be concise, yet show more details. For instance, the scene, character, setup or background. One can easily understand these by simply watching the video. This is not possible with texting or audio displaying. Hence, you definitely have a better chance of being recognized by people in your niche. Your message will be conveyed faster and in the easiest way possible.
  1. Videos help in getting involved with websites. Lots of videos on your website tend to attract lots of visitors. Videos are powerful enough to keep your audience glued for a longer period. It develops a cycle as the longer visitors spend time on your website, the better are the chances of them subscribing, following you, adding more likes, recommendations, tweets or buying your product.
  1. Videos can pull in a huge mass of visitors. There are many video upload websites in the Internet world including the ever popular YouTube. Most of them are free to join, so that’s an encouraging sign. The more places you upload your videos, the better are your chances of reaching audiences. Social media sites pick up such videos and you have a great chance of going viral.
  1. Video marketing helps you get quality back links. Videos are highly potential when you want to show in the search engine results. The quality of back links you get from various sites are more valuable than the quantity.

Showing is better than telling. Show your customers what you are and success will follow you.

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