How To make Video Sales Letter In Minutes

I’m sure that by now you’ve heard the acronym: VSL

If not, VSL stands for “Video Sales Letter“.

It’s no secret that Video Sales Letters are what the top marketers in the world use in their businesses.

We’ve ran many tests comparing the conversion of “a traditional sales letter” vs. “a Video Sales Letter”, using the exact same message, offer, and price.

Everything was exactly the same. The only difference being that one was a VSL and the other was straight text.

The VSL outperformed the long form sales letter 100% of the time. And there was really no comparison. You just can’t beat a properly structured VSL.

Up to this point, the only reason for not creating and using a VSL is because, quite frankly, they were a pain in the butt to create.

  • You had to create a LONG PowerPoint presentation, by hand.
  • You had to record some audio using a 3rd party software application.
  • You had to run a screen cam software like Camtasia Studio
  • Then you had to manually go through the PowerPoint presentation, matching up the audio to the PowerPoint, while recording the screen.
  • Then… you had to render it to the proper video output.

The process was SO painful. In fact, I would sometimes opt to not create a VSL, even though I knew I was guaranteed to make more money using one.

So, this leads me to the main reason for this SHORT article.

There’s a new software program that runs on either PC OR a MAC that will create Video Sales Letters for you in minutes! The whole thing.

You don’t need to do any of the steps I mentioned earlier. It’s crazy.

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