Increase Productivity

As a small business, everything that you do is critical to success. This is especially true if you are trying to grow. One thing that you must gain control over if you want to be successful is the productivity within your company. Here are several areas where your productivity may be lacking.

Upgrade Your Payment Processes

Some small businesses are still stuck in the stone age- accepting only cash for payments. Even if you have started using a debit/credit card reader, however, there is still room for improvement. The world of payment processing has expanded to also allow for contactless payments and mobile payments. Companies such as Fattmerchant offer this luxury. If it is in your budget, you should definitely consider this type of technology, which uses near-frequency communication. It is estimated that traditional debit and credit payments take up to 25 seconds to complete while contactless and mobile payments take just 15 seconds.

Stay Organized

Organization is key to success in business. It is what keeps your employees on track, prevents files from becoming misplaced, and more. When you business is organized, employees spend less time sorting out their confusion and more time focusing on their job tasks. Staying organized also keeps critical mistakes from happening that can cost hundreds, or even thousands of dollars in money.

Establish Clear Job Duties

One of the biggest problems found in small businesses is the separation of job duties. This is especially true if your employees do not complete the same tasks from day to day. Instead, sit down with each member of your small business and explain what their general jobs are. From there, go into the details of the tasks that they must complete each day. This will be especially helpful if you have not yet invested in task management software.

Consider Going Paperless

In the early days of your business, it is likely that going paperless is far down on your list of goals. However, paperless software is often relatively affordable and it pays for itself over time. You may see thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars in savings every year. In addition to the monetary savings, you can also save time. Going paperless increases proficiency because it syncs data so there are no duplicates of information, it prevents the need to search for files and more.

Invest in Task Management Software

If your company is growing, it can be hard to manage the number of employees you now have to do business. If you have become so busy that you do not have time to speak with each of your employees about their daily duties, then it may be wise to invest in time management software. This will allow you to easily communicate with employees. They can also update the completion status of tasks- whether they are partially or fully completed so that you do not have to constantly ask for status updates.

Monitor What Employees do on the Job

In small businesses where only one or two employees may be working at once, accountability may become a problem. This is especially true if employees are taking long breaks, checking social media on the clock, or using their phones. To stay productive, employees need to focus on the tasks they need to complete for work. You can monitor employees by comparing their productivity day to day, installing security cameras, or setting up buddy systems to ensure everyone is staying focused on work while they are at work.

If you have heard the saying “time is money,” then it is likely you also know it to be true. By implementing even one of these changes into your business, you may be able to increase productivity and profits.

Lautaro Martinez is a small business owner and freelance writer who shares his insights and tips into running an effective business. If you would like to learn more about Lautaro, check out his Google+ profile.