Video Marketing

Marketing comes in all forms. The easiest way to engage your audience is through great writing and great pictures. Think along the lines of a video to best present your business and its products or services. A video grabs eyeballs faster than anything else and is personal and professional at the same time, creating an instant space in the minds of watchers, filling them with curiosity to learn more about you and what you have to offer.

Here are some tips to film a perfect business video for your marketing needs.

  1. Know the equipment

You will need to familiarize yourself with the paraphernalia before you shoot a movie. That means practice many times and get it right, before you share your work with the world. You must work on making the lighting work for you. An overhead light is a no-no because it can cast unnecessary shadows. A desk lamp, turned away from you works fine. Another word of caution involves the camera mike. Don’t use it. You will across as a lot more clear if you were to clip a mike to your clothes. It is an expense but one well worth its weight.

  1. Write it down

Now that you’re ready to shoot a video, don’t just wing it. Know your stuff- what you want to say and how you want to say it. God forbid you get on video and begin to ramble! To avoid that embarrassment, use a teleprompter or keep your notes, in neat fashion, in front of you as you speak. Remember to have a point. And say it well.

  1. Be yourself

While you might have role models, people watching the video only want to see you and connect with you. So be yourself and say what you need to say like YOU want to say it, not a speaker you like. Trying to be someone else can be a bad idea simply because you’ll come across as fake and not make an impact at all.

  1. Watch that face

A video on a website isn’t movie hall size so make sure you keep your face in focus. That is a natural point of concentration as you speak, so make sure you’re seated correctly. For instance, don’t give yourself too much headroom so as to be completely lost in the space. A shot of shoulders and head works well, so think about that.

  1. Use someone else

If you’re more comfortable behind, than before, the camera, don’t suffer for it. Find someone who has great communication and enthusiasm and get them to sell your stuff for you. The end result is a sale and if there is someone better to clinch it, then that person should be the face people see.

  1. Do it often

Don’t create a video, get excited and leave things at that. You need to make sure that there are periodical updates of your business so customers stay connected. This will also give you practice in the field and that can only be beneficial to you.

  1. Be sincere

Just like we talked about not faking it, remember to keep your content honest. If you’re sincere, that’s half your work done. Videos sometimes have a reputation of being too slick and you don’t want to create that impression. Speak from the heart, don’t embellish and people will respond to you.

  1. Get more visibility

You can get more visibility for your video by tying it up with other websites and blogs. Get permission and host your videos on other spaces. This way traffic will increase to your business website too. Such users might become part of your tweets, RSS feeds and email list all of which spells good news for your business.

What are you waiting for? Start creating cool videos!

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