Social Media marketing Laws

Harnessing the power of content and social media marketing will significantly increase your audience and customer base. However, this cannot be accomplished by someone who has little or no experience or insight in social media marketing.

It is therefore crucial that one is able to understand the different aspects of social media marketing from enhancing quality to increasing entry points online. Following these 10 laws will go a long way in helping you establish a foundation that will be important not only to your brand and customers but also your bottom line.

Law of Listening

Content and social media marketing can only be successful if you do more listening and little talking. Get to know and understanding your target audience, what kind of content they like, what excites them, what do they value etc. This will enable you create targeted content that will enhance interaction and result in more valuable conversation.

Law of Focus

It is always good to focus your content and social media strategy on one goal like building your brand into an authority rather than being a jack of all trades and trying to have a broad strategy to achieve several goals at once. A content and social media strategy with a focus on one objective has better chances of success.

Law of Quality

Quality is better than quantity. It is better to have a few number of online audience who constantly interact with you, share and talk about your content with their online connections rather than having 100,000 online connections who are inactive and vanish immediately after connecting with them

Law of Patience

Any content and social media marketing strategy success does not happen in a day or two, it takes time and thus you will need to be patient. Effective content and social media strategies are those with long term and permanent results.

Law of Compounding

If you constantly publish high quality, unique and helpful content and work towards building a quality network of online followers, they are more likely to share and talk about your content with their own audience and followers either on their blogs, LinkedIn, twitter or Facebook.

This interaction with your content online will result in search engines like Google indexing your content and making it available in its search results. This could result in the opening up of hundreds and even thousands of entry points for people to find you online.

Law of Influence

Take time to identify online influencers and authority in your niche who might be interested in your services or products. Connect with them and build a relationship that is beneficial to you.

If they find your content authoritative, interesting or helpful to their audiences, they might share it with them and this would greatly help your attract new audiences.

Law of Value

Spending all your time on social websites promoting your products or services will simply result in people avoiding your posts as there is no value you are giving them. It is important to constantly provide your audience with valuable, helpful and fresh content.

Developing amazing content and building relationships with online influencers is key as your audience will be your main resource in any word of mouth marketing for your business

Law of Acknowledgement

Just like in a real setting, never ignore anyone who takes time to reach out to you online. Because building relationships is crucial for any social media marketing success, always acknowledge people who reach out to you.

Law of Accessibility

It is important to always be available to your audience. Don’t publish content and disappear as you need to be part of the conversation and interaction. Not being online can lead to your audience seeking other alternatives and eventually replacing you especially if you disappear for long durations like weeks or even months.

Law of Reciprocity

Spend some time talking and sharing content published by other people. This is very important in building relationships and getting more audience as people will always share and talk about your content if you do the same for them.

According to this “laws”, it is very important you take them in your mind in every decision related with your social media development, even if you are planning to hire an agency to manage the marketing for your company. Personally I have found that Guy Galboiz Facebook Advertising service has adopted a very efficient and ethical way to work in the social media marketing. Feel free to contact them for additional information on this topic.