Is Stress Causing Your Business Money
It’s fairly common knowledge that stress is not good for your health. Have you ever thought about how stress can affect your performance at work? Stress on top of being bad for your health, can also be bad for the bottom line of your business. When our bodies are stressed, they send out hormones that can actually damage and kill brain cells. Stress can really have an effect on overall productivity on the job as well as making us ineffective during work hours. Stress costs U.S. companies nearly $300 billion each year. That is too big of a number to simply ignore.

The reasons for job related stress are many. EnMast has outlined some of the main factors of stress in the workplace in the Infographic seen below. They also offer suggestions for changes you make within your company to try and eliminate stress level among your employees. Have you dealt with high levels of stress in your workplace? Did you find they caused similar issues and loss? Were you able to resolve stress in the workplace, or is it still present?

The Cost of Stress on Business

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