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An entrepreneur just fresh from applying for her first business license will need all the help she can. What limited funds she has must go to the needs of her business. Fortunately, any one creating a start-up today does not have to go through this alone.

There are free to low-cost items all over the Internet which can help in creating marketing material, crafting presentations, and spreading the word about her enterprise.

  • Office Software Suite

Licences for office software can be prohibitive for the start-up entrepreneur. The costs of programs scale up depending on the nature of the business; simple word processing programs are priced as much as 300$ up while desktop publishing and photo editing suites can cost as much as $1,000 per computer.

The good news is there are decent office software programs out there that anyone can download for free. Apache OpenOffice is one such complement of programs. It has word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, and database software. Want to keep the work in the cloud? Try using Google Docs which can be easily accessed through a Gmail account.

  • Presentation Programs

In this information economy, being able to craft presentations is a must. Unfortunately, it is also this information age that is shrinking the attention span of individuals which increases the necessity for presentations to capture the interest and the eyes of the audience. There will be times of course, that an entrepreneur must be prepared to make presentations on the go and always have one at hand to grab every opportunity to talk about his business.

Luckily, there are some online programs out there that an entrepreneur can keep in her sleeve to use at the right moment. Most presentations are linear and therefore boring; takes the concept of presentations and gives it a spin, literally. There is also much talk about the upcoming Projeqt which allows the embedding of elements from social media platforms. For the more conventional presenter, there is also Google Docs which is very similar to what Microsoft has on the docket of its Microsoft Office suite.

  • Softphone

Any office should not do without a phone but what is usually a traditional requirement for any new business is easily becoming an option because of VoIP technology.

Although it requires a subscription, the entrepreneur will soon discover that this monthly cost opens up many avenues for the enterprise for savings as far as communications is involved. First, long distance call charges are almost non-existent. second, there are a variety of options like being able to scale up or down the number of lines in the office; third, being able to have an automated directory assistance system; fourth, being able to create numbers with any local area codes; and fifth, being able to use the same VoIP lines on smartphones.

Various ISPs have tie-in VoIP services. One name that springs up also is RingCentral. Try calling and checking with your Internet Service Provider for any services they are offering.

All programs may not be created equal but there are those which give both quality and value without upsetting a start-up’s budget. A tech-savvy entrepreneur only has to worry about financing the hardware; for the software, however, a little know how and being in the know for places to look can help boost processes in the office at a pinch of the cost. And it is probably because of all these alternatives that there are presently more start-ups than ever before. Thanks to the ease of use and cost-effectiveness of these tools, a budding entrepreneur no longer needs ridiculously large capital to bring their dreams to fruition.


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