Most people will agree that a phone is an investment – a crucial piece of technology that will be right there, by your side, eager to serve your every need. Whether it is answering work emails, recharging your battery with friends on social media, working out, or looking up directions – your phone is more than likely to be the first useful resource you turn to for work, fun, or help. This make it crucial to choose wisely, and buy a device that suits all your needs instead of just looking pretty and accomplishing nothing. With average users expecting at least two years of usage before upgrading or switching phones, the selection process becomes much more daunting. A recent survey by a consumer website found that most technology specialist at cell phone stores recommended the same model and brand of phone across 20 locations – with few or no alternatives available. How much do you want to bet that there is some sort of internal incentive to meet targets for particular companies? With this in mind, it won’t hurt to do a bit of research yourself and know what you are getting into before it’s too late.

What Spere is All About:

Asking for the personal recommendation of a salesperson is not the only way to form an opinion about the right cell phone. Buying the latest and greatest isn’t always a great help either, and some less known options from reputable brands can make excellent alternatives to the flagship models. Doing a bit of research on your own may seem daunting, what with all the talk about cores, 3Gs and 4Gs, and operating systems. This is where we come in – Spere is a feature rich comparison tool with a clean, simple interface to help make your decision making process fast and easy.


Here are some great features available on Spere that will make your work as easy as one two three:

  • The homepage includes a list of the latest mobile phones and tablets. You can also type in the name of a particular manufacturer or model and choose from an expansive database covering numerous variants.
  • Once you have selected a model, you will be presented with a detailed information page, including a release date, a raw data based score with higher being better; and available purchase options that should give you an instant idea about pricing and performance.
  • A detailed analysis is then presented, stacking up your choice against the popular models from over 1300 phones.
  • You can see expert opinions and detailed reviews from Amazon to see what other users think about a particular phone or tablet.
  • Detailed prices from Amazon and Ebay, including the lowest available offers are also displayed in an easy list format.
  • A number of related phones, based on similar technical specifications such as performance and screen size are also shown in case you want to view some alternatives.
  • Detailed specifications of your tablet or phone are pulled straight from the manufacturer’s website and as such guarantee complete accuracy.