The Most Recognizable Commercial Logos

A successful business logo is a touch point that people worldwide associate with some of the largest global brands. Logos are not only an important part of branding, but they are a means of communication regardless of language or culture. The best logo design is one that has staying power and is easily identifiable. It could be a series of letters in a signature color or font or an image that is instantly recognizable. Below is a list of some of the most recognizable business logos in the world.


Technology powerhouse Apple has a simple, relatable and clean logo that is undisputable when seen on products and in advertisement. While most technology-related businesses opt for “tech”-sounding names, Apple went a completely different route with both their name and logo. Apple’s powerful branding is well supported by their user-friendly and intuitive products.


Google is the world’s largest and most successful search engine. It is a contender for best logo design because of its use of simple font and primary colors. With the name, they also coined a new term that had not yet been created when the company launched in 1998.


McDonald’s golden arches can easily be spotted from blocks away. Their combination of contrasting colors and oversized capital “M” make them easy to spot all around the world. While McDonald’s has signature menu items that they serve in all of their locations (such as their distinctive French fries), they alter their menu items to fit the taste profile of the country in which their restaurants are located.


Coca-Cola is yet another globally recognized brand that caters their products to the country in which they sell. While their traditional beverage Coca-Cola (or “Coke”) can be found worldwide, they offer a wide variety of drinks, both carbonated and flat. Coca-Cola has not only branded themselves as a beverage company, but their line of clothing, accessories, gifts and housewares is highly collectable.

The Walt Disney Company

Even though Disney began as an animation studio in 1923, they have proven how the power of a high-quality business plan backed by solid branding can create a global powerhouse for generations to come. Disney is not only a top contender for best logo design, but it boasts numerous Disney characters, movies and products within the brand. Each is individually recognizable and powerful in and of itself. Disney has several theme parks worldwide and has long been the leader in full-length animated cartoons.


Microsoft is another technology powerhouse whose simple black-and-white font logo is instantly recognizable. While the font and colors of their logo are simple, their never-been-heard-before name is part of what makes them memorable. While it may take people longer to recall invented names, it allows a business to establish itself outside of industry norms.

As you can see by the examples above, the best logo design does not have to be adorned with bells and whistles. In fact, the most memorable brands are ones that are simple and easy to remember and relate to. To help select a logo for your business, you can enlist the guidance of a graphic designer who specializes in logos and branding.

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