How To Read Faster

The other day I was in the bookstore and I was trying to pick up my next book to read, it was really hard and I delayed around 45 minutes to choose what I would read for the next days. The reason it took me so long was because there are a lot of interesting books I want to read. And I was thinking that everything would be much better if I could improve my speed to read a book because then I could buy 3 or 4 books and read them in one week or less. Can you imagine how cool would that be?

Actually, I could be even better in my business if I could read faster. I’m pretty sure you think the same, there are a lot of information out there, on internet, on books, etc. And usually we take a lot of time to absorb all that information. But today i found something AMAZING!! It was like a sign coming from heaven; this sign is called Spritz

What Is Spritz?

Spritz is a company which has created a new technology for fast reading that allows you to read, covering every word, in a fraction of time that would take if you would be passing the pages of a book or sliding your finger on a Kindle.

The Spritz concept is based on the fact that you waste a lot of time moving your eyes from side to side, from one word to the next one. When the words are displayed quickly, one after the other, all of them in the same place, the movement of the eye becomes almost zero. All that remains is the time it takes you to process the word before the next one is displayed.

This Is How Spritz Works

Reading at 250 words per minute.
Reading at 250 words per minute.
Reading at 350 words per minute
Reading at 350 words per minute
Reading at 500 words per minute.
Reading at 500 words per minute.

 Where Can You Find Spritz?

You can find many apps on the AppStore and Play Store but not all of them use the original Spritz’s technology. If you really want to use the best apps to improve your reading and cover more information in less time, these are the apps using Spritz:

Litz – Fast reading ($2.99) Read twice as fast with more than 10000 free eBooks included in the Litz store. Prepare for total addiction! Import compatible PDFs, Word documents, ebooks and Text files from Dropbox, Google Drive, Pocket, Mail, Safari or iTunes Mac application in a gorgeous and minimalist interface with gestures. Read up to 1200 words per minute. 

ReadMe!  ($1.99) is an E-Pub reader with Spritz. With ReadMe! you can enjoy e-pub format books from Project Gutenberg (45,000 books), Manybooks (29,000 titles), Feedbooks, OpenLibrary (1M+ books) and the Internet Archive (2.5M+ titles). That should keep you busy for awhile!

Note: You cannot purchase titles from iBooks or Kindle and read them with this app – they both, unfortunately, use their own proprietary formats for books. Do us a favor and send them a suggestion to integrate Spritz into their apps on Twitter @ibooks and @amazonkindle.

QuickipediaSpritz Wikipedia (the whole darn thing!) ($0.99) – A Spritz reader for Wikipedia.

Rapid Reader ($2.99) Read all of your Pocket, Readability and InstaPaper articles that you’ve saved for later with Spritz!

Sparker ($0.99) – SparkNotes ( are condensed versions of some of your favorite literature meant to aid you in studying the material after you’ve read it. Now you can spritz all of your SparkNotes on iOS!

BibleGist (Free) – Interested in spritzing the Bible? This is the iOS app for you!

According to the Huffington Post, a college level reader tends to read between 200 and 400 word per minute. With Spritz, if you can read 1,000 words per minute, you would need just 77 minutes to read the first book of Harry Potter (this book has 223 pages).

It is amazing what the technology is doing for us, isn’t it? Now you just need to take action and start using Spritz.