Have you heard of the popular Penny Stock Prophet product?  Irrefutably created by one the big internet experts, James Connelly, PSP is currently a top seller among all stock market products you know of.  Connelly had an outstanding record through out his school life but stock market was something he developed a special interest in at a very tender age. He did not only show interest in foreign exchange market but also desired to learn from his father.

It took him a long time to create what is called Penny Stock Prophet today. The question is how does his story apply to you?  It really does apply to you if you are planning to start investing in penny stocks. Any kind of stock investment presents many risks, which is the reason why many people are reluctant. With Connelly’s stock picking strategy, you can easily turn an initial investment of one thousand dollars into one million dollars in only thirty eight trades.  Picking a breakout stock is a tough job and that is exactly the reason why you need help. When you download the program for only forty seven dollars, you will access various lessons about setting limit orders or putting the trading action on autopilot.

As well, the purchase will give a direct connection with the Prophet himself and get any of your stock trading questions answered. The fact that customers of PSP deal with a real person makes it a top-notch product. Many similar offers out there are not real humans but stock trading robots. Although its owner does not guarantee that your penny stocks picks will all be one hundred percent successful, he does admit that the Penny Stock Prophet system works much better than its counterparts. For beginners, the system teaches you how to start trading forex by opening a new account, depositing money and trading beside it for a whole day.