Mobile Devices Percentage

The mobile device consumer generation could only become bigger and bigger in the coming years as online telecom technology develops further. As more and more businesses worldwide embrace new virtual retail technology, there simply is no reason for any serious entrepreneur to ignore the potential of mobile device tech to eventually rule business practice. Business transactions could never revert to the way these were done in previous years and could only be venue for higher tech development seen to render processes simpler, faster and more convenient for business owners, employees and customers.

Suffice it to say, if you’re a businessperson who knows well how customers use their personally owned mobile devices, you stand to benefit from that knowledge only when you use that as a basis for your online content for mobile applications. There are 10 most commonly used ways that consumers make use of the smartphones, tablets and phablets. These are detailed in the list below with their accompanying percentage of use:

  1. Videos, 52%. Consumers view product, demo and entertainment videos on their mobile devices via various websites or social media networks they access in their free time or during work lulls. Although video enjoys huge viral success as a content form especially when shared via social media, disparities in download speed rates determine reach success as a conveyance for marketing info.

  1. Email, 84%. Mobile workers and leisurely mobile device users are among the biggest email browsers. Business owners who use their smartphones as handy replacements to lugging laptops make up the most number of email check activities just like the typical mobile agent or telecommuting pro. Consumers who respond to retail-oriented email also make up the bulk of this to make online marketing via email a truly viable one.

  1. Web browsing, 88%. The amount of web browsing being done by people via mobile devices clearly illustrate the fact that it has effectively replaced desktop PCs in this endeavor. Either for web surfing, info search engines, social media or blog access, people now become more dependent on smartphones, tablets and phablets when accessing the web.

  1. Play games, 72%. Work lulls, down times and plain chilling out also takes up a large chunk of mobile device use and have also been found by retailers as a cool marketing tool especially when apps are gamefied to suit certain retail forwarding efforts.

  1. Maps, 72%. GPS apps continue to rule the roost with people who do a lot of traveling to cities they visit for the first time or when trying to locate stores, restaurants, entertainment joints, mass transit stations or shops. Augmented reality retail becomes even more worthwhile with such tech.

  1. While in a restaurant, 64%. Passing away the time while waiting for your ordered food or to correspond with people while having lunch or dinner has become a business “institution” just like the martini lunch.

  1. SMS text messages, 90%. This is the primary activity that has overcome mobile device use. Texting to send messages either for official or personal purposes takes up a large majority of the activity that mobile device owners engage in.

  1. While traveling, 72%. Mobile correspondence and paperwork takes place conveniently when workers or travelers do them with the help of these devices. The online connectivity allows people to stay in the loop regardless of where they might be anytime.

  1. Research products, 56%. People on their way to making buying decisions while at the same time being mobile while they’re doing so comprise a considerable chunk of mobile device users. This is the reason why online retail app user interfaces continue to become more optimized for mobile device other than anything else.

  1. While in a store, 63%. Consumers who’d rather search info about retail items online even while they’re inside stores also take up a considerable lot of mobile device use. Web-accessed info is what certain customers use as a guide by which to carry informed conversations with store sales personnel.

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