Manage Work Team Online

About five to ten years ago, if you’re a team leader and you intend to gather you’re affiliates for a regular meeting or an emergency brainstorming, you have the following options on how to notify them: you may create a memo and have it passed around by your company messenger; second, you can go from desk to desk and tell them yourself, or you can have them paged or called up through the intercom. Though we can still utilize these methods in managing our teams, there are now more innovative systems which we can avail of in order to manage our teams in a faster, creative, and more interactive manner.

Through ingenious management strategies, we create a better working environment for everyone, eventually affecting the whole workplace positively. As a manager, I have personally experienced how a workplace in high spirits brought in high profits. And in this article, I shall share with you the effective ways on how to manage your team online.

1. Utilize the Company Website

Allow privileged logins for your affiliates in the company’s website. Dedicate a corner where they can read about company announcements, events, and working schedules. In addition, program this in such a way that they can communicate with you or the Human Resources Department for them to be able to channel their concerns. On a lighter side, you may have this section where employees can share their daily experiences or photos.

2. Do File Sharing

If you manage a company that’s notorious for eating up too many papers, you may want to give file sharing websites a try. Through sites such as DropBox, Google Drive, or iCloud, you can easily share important files with your employees. By encouraging them to utilize these sites, not only are you able to communicate faster, you also help the environment by consuming less paper and producing less trash.

3. Hold Online Conferences

If your job as a manager requires you to be away from the office a lot, or if some of your affiliates are actually located in other states or regions, you can never go wrong with online conferences. By holding meetings online, you can still check on your company’s progress even if you are continents away. In addition, you also save yourself from travel constraints and expenses as well. But of course, bear in mind that to be able to do this, you must have a powerful internet service provider, so better invest in one.

4. Create a Facebook Group

Well, some would say that Facebook can decrease the efficiency of a workplace because of reasons that need not be mentioned here. But if used in a controlled manner, a Facebook groups is actually a very useful means of managing your team. Through the Facebook group, you can make announcements and upload files as well. You may arrange your network in such a way that restrictions on visiting social networking sites are lifted during lunch breaks for 30 minutes or an hour so that your employees can ease down a bit and check on the updates there. Since people use Facebook for more personal stuff, you can take advantage of this venue as a means of showing your team the lighter side of work. You can post inspirational thoughts or a funny picture, or two in this Facebook group.

5. Email or Instant Message

Communication through emails or instant messages is no longer new to us, but be sure that you are updated with the newer platforms that emerge from time to time. As with file sharing, emails saves us from consuming too much paper. Through instant messaging services, we are also able to pass on our messages in an easier and faster manner.

Managing a team need not be something that’s confined in the four walls of a conference room and around the perimeter of a tension-exuding rectangular table. Ease up a bit and give your team a break. Innovate!

The author is a strong-willed manager who honestly acknowledges that she can very well manage a team of twenty employees but still has a long way to go in managing her two grown up kids. But she loves both careers equally, she says.