The Best Linkedin Profile

If you avoid social media at all costs, or have not yet spent time into creating a professional LinkedIn profile, you are missing out on the most current and relevant online professional networking tool. Not only is an active and updated LinkedIn profile helpful for jobseekers, but recruiters across most fields will expect you to have one. Below are a few reasons why LinkedIn is now a must-have for job seekers, and a few tips for keeping your profile current and up-to-date.

It Is An Invaluable Networking Tool

LinkedIn varies from other social media sites in that site content is mostly professional and that you are able to see who has recently viewed your profile. It is the perfect medium to stay in touch with colleagues and associates with whom you have minimal professional or personal contact, yet want to stay connected with in case an opportunity arises down the road. You can even search for job openings on LinkedIn, and search for businesses by industry, which can expose you to companies in your region. It also makes it easier for job seekers to look for employment opportunities out of state, or abroad.

It Allows Recruiters Easy Access To You

Just as LinkedIn is becoming an invaluable place to search for employment opportunities, it is increasingly becoming a tool utilized by recruiters looking for new employees. Many companies rely heavily, and some solely, on LinkedIn when sourcing candidates. This includes job opportunities that may not be advertised to the mainstream public. Even if you submit your resume to a recruiter on an employment website, or by other electronic means, they often further research their applicants via their LinkedIn profiles.

It Is A Solid Resource

When properly utilized, LinkedIn can become your primary resource for many avenues of your professional life — even beyond searching for a job. LinkedIn provides invaluable business-to-business access, and allows business owners more insight as to how their competitors operate. LinkedIn also offers a wide variety of content, seminars, and resources for job seekers and business owners alike.

Your Profile Must Be Updated

LinkedIn can be a valuable tool, but it can also be damaging if you do not complete and update your profile regularly. Even if you are not actively looking for a job, take time every few months to update your profile, including any promotions, and changes to your job description. While your LinkedIn profile doesn’t need to look precisely like your resume, ensure that you include enough detail to allow viewers to get a good feel for your professional skill set. Include a professional, yet personable profile picture. You should also invest time at least once a month in making more connections, and giving and accepting recommendations.

Setting up your LinkedIn profile is fairly easy and intuitive; you can even upload your resume to transfer information directly to your profile. Once your information is uploaded you can tweak, customize, and personalize it a bit more than a standard resume. While you want your content to be professional, LinkedIn allows you to express your individuality with a bit less formality than a traditional resume.

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