Save Money With Your Smartphone

Smartphones are usually quite expensive. One way to justify its purchase, however, is that it will be a great help, not only in terms of convenience and functionality, but also in terms of monetary savings as well. Here are ways you can use our smartphone to save money.

During shopping

Usually, shopping done online is cheaper than actually going to a store. But there are a lot of other online tools that will help you save money when you go out.

  1. Price comparison apps – Price comparison apps such as RedLaser, Google Shopper or Amazon Mobile will let you know if a product can be found online at a cheaper price simply by scanning the products barcode using your phone’s camera.

  2. Digital discount cards – discount cards are always welcome, but if you have around five to ten of them you will end up with a really fat wallet. Instead of rifling through all of your cards you can store them on your smartphone and there’s and app called CardStar that will help you manage them.

  3. Coupon apps – Coupons are also a great way to get a few buck slashed of your purchase, but carrying all of them with you “just in case” isn’t really efficient. This is where coupon apps come in. You can get coupons from group buying sites, or you can download store specific apps to avail of their deals. General coupon apps would be Coupon Sherpa for iPhone and The Coupons for Android.

  4. Grocery apps – Grocery IQ is a great app to manage your grocery list. It also keeps track of your discount cards and will alert you if there are any ongoing deals or available coupons. The app is free and available for both Android and iPhone.


Keeping track of expenses is an important part of saving money. Unfortunately it is quite tedious and means having to keep a lot in mind. Luckily this s one thing your smartphone can easily do and there are a lot of apps available for that purpose. Examples would be the Jumsoft Money app for iPhone, but BillMinder is also a good to keep track of your bills and avoid paying late penalty fees. For Android there is Pageonce, Moneywise, or EasyMoney.

Finding ATMs

Again most people simply use the ATM that’s there since the surcharge of using a different ATM isn’t worth the search for you own banks ATM machine sometimes. But just like with gasoline, these surcharges do add up, and at the end of the month a big chunk of money is gone simply because you could not find your own banks ATM machine. Nowadays most banks come with an ATM finder app, or at least a map of locations in a particular area, which can be copied and saved on your smartphone.

Phone services

Using your smartphone as an actual phone also costs money, and you usually pay a monthly fee for its services. Here are ways around it:

  1. Tether your phone for cheap or free – By jail breaking your phone and installing either MyWi for iPhone or PdaNet for Android, you do away with expensive data plans and monthly bills.

  2. VoIP calls– If you have unlimited data or are constantly connected on Wi-Fi, you can use your phone as a dedicated VoIP phone by downloading an app from any VoIP service and keeping it running. You will be able to make calls either for free or much cheaper than using your cellular service.

  3. Free texts – If you are unwilling to pay extra to text, you can use apps like Google Voice or Textfree. Most VoIP companies also offer free texting as part of their service.


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