Leadwerks for linux

Linux International boss Jon ‘Maddog’ Hall believes that the declining popularity of the company’s products is mainly due to the lack of games. He said in an interview with Tech Radar that games are one of the selling factors of popular operating systems like Windows and the Mac OS. We now live in a world wherein most people choose to spend their free time in front of computers and what do people most often do with computers? Aside from web browsing and communicating with others, people spend their time playing online games. During his interview with a global gadget review site, Jon Hall related that even those who are 50 years old and older get hooked to playing at least one particular game and often, they have to perform a dual boot and stick to Windows.

  • Linux Teaming Up

Because Linux is starting to lose the gaming community according to some experts, the men behind Linux teamed up with one of the biggest game distributors in the world. Earlier this year, Hall announced Linux’s team up with Steam, a Valve Corporation-produced software that is used to distribute games and related media online. But that is not the last deal that Linux got to address the problem. Another big catch that the operating system made is the one that involves Leadwerks software. This deal will see the two companies work on 3D games.

  • Leadwerks at Work

Leadwerks is a 3D game engine used by many companies and studios to create games like first-person shooters, dungeon crawlers, and side scrollers. This is the same software that Mac and Windows games also use. Leadwerks launched a Kickstarter campaign for the cooperation to push through. It hopes to bring three-dimensional graphics to gadgets that run on Linux and allow users to play AAA games without using emulators. It also aims to allow more Linux games to be built that will lead to the creation of Linux-exclusive game titles. The Kickstarter campaign is shooting for $20,000 in 45 days. It seems rather ambitious to some but with Linux’s dedication to the project, this is something that they are very confident they’ll be able to pull off.

  • Microsoft’s Counter

Linux’s main rival is Microsoft’s Windows 8. When it comes to games, the latter undoubtedly has the edge. Microsoft announced earlier this year that future Windows 8 platforms and Xbox Live will come with free to play casino games. These games are not like what Leadwerks produced. They are not developed out of 3D engines and other elements but they will surely attract a good following for the simple reason that people are naturally drawn to any game that involves money. Despite the lack of intricate engines and realistic graphics, virtual casino games are one of the most played games both online and offline. A lot of people love playing on websites because they are not just exciting and entertaining, but also give people the chance to win real cash. Windows 8 casino/poker games do not have any 3D elements but are developed to look exactly like the games you see in land-based casinos.

Linux and Leadwerks’s partnership will definitely be something to beat. So far, the Kickstarter campaign is doing great, having collected more than 30% of its target in just two days. Leadwerks’ gaming technologies are used by over 10,000 companies worldwide. Among the successful games it helped produce are Tankbattle Arena, Arena Slasher, Mutant Madness, and Swords and SkelliesIf you want games of this kind on your Linux-based desktop, support the Kickstarter campaign. They are the perfect game choice while you take a break from work.

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