As the local employment sector gets deeper into a rut, we see more and more individuals opting for business startups to optimize career potential and grow their skills. Apart from this, a number of significant trends have led to drastic changes in many industries. From the increasing number of retirees to the recent advances in technology, a great deal of employees are now taking advantage of these changes by opening up their own business or working with high potential startups.

Transitioning from a regular employee to an entrepreneurial culture is not going to be easy. But even formerly safe industries are being hit by the economic recession and technological changes, so you are at risk whether you stay in a “safe job” or accept change and make a bold move. The good news is that there are certain industries that can boost your chances of succeeding. Here we round up a few of the best start up industries to look into.

Internet and Information Services

The internet is the single most world changing invention of all time.  There are billions of individuals across the globe who online every single day, and they need someone to help their business adapt to this quickly changing landscape.

The combination of a reduction in the price of computers and significant increases in internet speed has led to increased global competition and innovation.  There isn’t a single activity untouched by the information age; from buying groceries to doing school work, acquiring insurance comparisons and implementing marketing campaigns.

This trend will only increase and someone who has to ability to offer a new service, understand the continuous changes, or manage diverse platforms will continue to be a hot commodity in the job world.

Computer Solutions

With over 200 million PC and tablet users in the US alone, the need for digital solutions for computing hardware and software is more in demand than ever. Computer security against viruses and hackers will likewise be very lucrative in this day and age of being always connected.

The computer/tablet/smartphone services industry is expected to grow more than 50% in the coming year and is most likely to enjoy a steady growth over the coming decades.

Employment Services

Despite the economic depression that we are currently experiencing, it is still good to note that the employment sector continues a steady influx of new job opportunities. To compensate, a number of companies, especially in the healthcare industry, are turning to staffing agencies to maintain productivity.

Given this trend, engaging in employment services such as placement agencies and human resource consultation firms presents a very lucrative opportunity for emerging entrepreneurs.

Home Care Services

As our baby boomers continue to age and go into retirement, the demands for specialized home care services will more than double in the next few years. If you are familiar with this industry and have a good network of capable professionals who are up for this job then starting your own home care services is a definite growth industry.

Childcare Services

It is a rare occasion these days that a family can afford to have one of the parents stay home with their children. With the increasing number of career moms, the opportunity for childcare services is now at its highest. Daycares that can provide education as well as a safe place to play are becoming more and more popular as early childhood education grows in popularity and importance.

These are just 5 of the best industries to look into when setting up your own business or going to work for a smaller company with growth opportunity. Keep in mind that while these sectors are in demand and have the biggest potential for profit, it is still up to you to make your business work.

If you don’t see yourself sitting in front of a computer, then healthcare (especially nursing) is a great growth field, as well. At we help you understand what it takes to get started on this path.