Airplay TV set

Television sets have evolved from the sets we knew decades ago to what we now know them to be. Currently, it is the Smart TV that is the entire rave. You hear people saying that they would like to get a Smart TV or will soon get a Smart TV. What exactly is a Smart TV and how does it differ from the old ones we enjoyed in the past? Basically, a Smart TV has every little thing we need. It also comes with set-top boxes which are able to address several problems. Smart TVs are able to accommodate smartphones, tablets and even iPods. How amazing is that? Consumers can easily do this by connecting these devices to the TV with the use of connectors. If you aren’t too tech savvy and are confused as to how you can do this, here is a hopefully helpful guide on how you can link your devices to your Smart TV sets.

With the Help of Digital A/V Adapter

For those who are looking for reasonably priced solutions, Apple’s digital A/V adapter is probably the best choice. This connector works well with several other Apple products like the iPad, iPhone and the iPod. All you have to do is ensure that one end is plugged into the device and the other is attached to an HDMI cable which is linked to your TV set. Take note that you can find two versions of this A/V adapter. One version is used to support earlier devices which have the 30-pin connector and the other one is used for the newer lightning devices. You can actually make use of any of the two but the quality will definitely vary. If you will be using the lightning connector, you will be able to see everything that is stored on your iDevice on your TV screen. This type of connector is compatible with the latest Apple products such as the iPad Mini, iPad 4 and the iPhone 5. You will also notice that you’d get the same reflection from the mirroring. The adapter also has built-in chips which are responsible for the compression of the video signal prior to the transmission to the receiver. Using this connector will probably provide you with quality images but it won’t be able to stream in 1080p.

On the other hand, using the 30-pin A/V adapter of Apple functions considerably less impressive and its compatibility isn’t as great. Consumers who make use of this adapter will only be able to utilize it in watching slide shows, video apps, and on-board videos. It is also incapable of viewing music videos and applications that aren’t supported by the proper video out.

The AirPlay via Apple TV

This might be the greatest solution for this case. The Airplay via Apple TV is not only wireless but it also offers video streaming options. If you are worried about the cost, don’t be. It is reasonably priced at 99 USD and it also comes with bonus games that could make the gamer in you giddy and excited. Setting up your Apple TV doesn’t require as much as a muscle flex. Consumers can stream music, videos, apps and photos on their Apple TV in a snap with the aid of this device. If you have the iDevice, you will then be able to stream your display and everything else that is taking place on your iPad or iPhone on the TV screen. Just make sure you know how to operate the AirPlay feature of your device in order to take full advantage. It would surely be a riot to make VoIP phone calls while you are connected to your Apple TV.

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