Well, it is never too late. We are in 2014 and you should already have a blog, simply because it is the easiest way to start creating an audience and making money; but if you are one of those who hasn’t started a blog yet, don’t worry! We will guide you now to create your own blog in just 4 minutes.

You will need just two things: a domain and a hosting. And you can get both for a special price here: BLUEHOST HOSTING SPECIAL OFFER. But before you register in Bluehost, you should follow the instructions in the video below, in this way the process will be easier for you.

WOW! That was really fast, wasn’t it? Now, you are the proud owner of a blog and even when you won’t become millionaire overnight, it is the first step to create a passive income.

It’s very important to feed your blog at least once a week… Yes! You have to post an article in your blog at least once a week and don’t limit yourself, if you want to write everyday, just do it.

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