Google Hummingbird Seo Techniques

Google has recently implemented Hummingbird, updating their algorithm. Is the SEO game the same? Some people in SEO will tell you, “oh no, we can’t rank sites anymore” or “why has my site been hit?” So does this update make it more difficult for people to rank their sites? It’s a fact that Google constantly updates their algorithms and many sites become negatively affected. But if you are advanced in SEO, you’ll see that these changes are not so different from one another. These updates can actually help your site ranking. Yes, you heard me right. These updates are more developed to hurt sites that use any kind of illegal SEO tactic. Sites that use white hat SEO will be able to rank higher because many of their competition will be penalized. So for those of you who have been using white hat SEO, the updates won’t make much of a difference. You just have to update your tactics a little bit. And this is what I will be covering. Here I will be discussing some of the best ways to rank high on Google, but not only for the Hummingbird update, but also the various updates that will be developed in the coming years. Google just want to rank the best sites.

Guest Blogging is One of the Best Link Building Tactics

Guest blogging is when you write an article and offer it to be published on any other blog or site. If it is published then you will be able to get backlinks from these sites. Though getting links from high authority blogs/sites is not an easy thing to do, but if you offer them quality content they may agree to link you.

Choosing the Best Blogs for Guest Blogging

  • Go to any back link checker tool and search the links on other competitor sites. You’ll then be able to see if any of them have published guest post articles. Observe what your competitors are doing and create something similar. Afterwards contact a blog owner and ask to have your article published.
  •  Go to Google and type something like:

“write for us” + [your keywords]
“guest posts” + [your keywords]
or “contributors” + [your keywords]

  • To show you how powerful guest blogging is, let me give you an example with one of my blogs about surveys .I’ve created only several guest posts and now the blog ranks extremely high on Google.Just type: “online surveys for money” , “surveys for cash” , “paid surveys legitimate” and you’ll find it at top 30 results. And these keywords are not long tails. And that has been made only with several guest posts, related to paid surveys.What if I create more?

You’ll then be able to find many guest blog opportunities in your niche.

  • Once you find a guest post from a competitor you can then do this search: inpostauthor + “the name of your competitor”. Doing so will allow you to see many other articles that your competitors have been posting.
  • What if you find a blog that accepts guest posts but has a PR of 0? Believe me, PR is not the only criteria to use when looking for a good blog to post on. If a blog has a PR 0, and is new but you see that it has quality content, then try to guest post for them! Someday this blog may become much more popular and then it won’t be so easy to submit to them. The main criteria you have to focus on when choosing a blog to guest post for is the quality of a blog. Make sure they don’t use duplicate articles, they update regularly, they aren’t scams, and of course their content is good.

Being Accepted to Guest Post

The most important thing to focus on is creating good articles that bloggers will like to publish. If you write promotional types of articles, then you probably won’t be accepted. The key is to write something interesting. If you can’t or don’t want to do this then you can just pay someone to do it for you.

Some people try to pay to get their guest posts accepted in order to get high quality backlinks. This may look like a good strategy, but keep in mind that this can penalize your site. Google doesn’t allow for paid links. You might ask, “How does Google check for paid links?” Well Google has not uncovered exactly how they do this. They only discuss that they can check for paid links manually. So I’d suggest you don’t do this.

Your Social Media Presence

Your social media activities has become much more important these days. Google counts the number of social “likes” your site has. The more likes you have the better your page ranking. A common mistake people make is they try to buy fake social votes. This won’t help, believe me. There are many ways for Google to determine if your votes are fake or not. The best way to building your social presence is to create a page in one of the top social sites. You will need to be active and post regularly on your social site.

Keep in mind that it takes a little time to start seeing results. Though there are several ways to get more people to “like” your page faster. You can hire a media specialist to help you. There are many people who will be able to help build your social presence. Another way to get more people to “like” your site is to start advertising your site. There are many inexpensive ways to get more people to your site. With less than $100 you will be able to get many people to your channel.

Update Your Blog with Quality Content

Blog updating plays an important role in ranking. These days, updated sites seem much more important to Google. Unfortunately there are many mistakes that people make that get their sites penalized. Here are some of the most important things to know about updating your site and avoiding penalties.

  • Keep your keyword density low. Many people believe that they will rank high if they repeat their keywords often. This is not true. Google knows very well what your site is about. And if they see that you constantly repeat keywords, they may hit you with a penalty for doing so.
  • Write quality content with at least 1000 words. Many people suggest writing a minimum of 400-600 words. This is OK to do, but articles with 1000 words or more are given more preference and have a better chance of high rankings. Also, Google has developed an advanced algorithm to try to determine the quality of your articles. For example, they check the average time people spend on your site, believing that the longer people stay on your site, the better it is. And of course there are many other factors that help determine the quality of a page.
  • Update often, but write only quality content. I know blogs that update daily and don’t rank as well as blogs that update only several times a month. The problem with updating daily is that the content generated will generally be of lower quality. It’s better to concentrate on quality instead of quantity. Several great articles a month is much better than low quality daily updates.

Types of Links to Avoid

Unfortunately these days Google will penalize you for low quality links. So you’ll have to be careful of choosing what types of links that will go on your site. But before I continue, I want to mentioned that guest blogging is one of the best ways to getting quality links. Now, here are some of the kinds of links that should be avoided.

  • – Don’t accept reciprocal linking. These links were one of the best options several years ago, but these days there are far fewer ranked sites that have such links. This is because reciprocal linking is considered as spam by Google and many sites have been penalized for it. Also, don’t think that similar practices, such as three way linking, will help. Google will be able to detect these and penalize a site for including them.
  • Avoid spam blog comments. Links from blog comments are still valuable, but these days Google can detect the difference between spam and regular commenting. One of the best ways to getting your links onto other blogs that will increase traffic to your site is to comment on blogs that are relevant to your site. But don’t create too many blog comments in a day, as this may look unnatural or “spammy” to Google. And of course change your anchor text every time you post. Also, if you see a high quality blog with a lot of “spammy” comments, I’d suggest you to avoid commenting on these.
  • Avoid links on forum signatures. Links from forums are still effective as long as you don’t abuse them. Though because many people do, Google has started to devalue these. Nevertheless, they can still help your PR. Find relevant forums; comment and interact with others. Just don’t get too many links.
  • Links from article directories. Many people will say that these links are not effective. But actually they can be; many people don’t know exactly how to use them. Here is what you have to do. Write quality articles on your topic. Don’t use duplicate content and don’t rewrite articles. Make your articles interesting so more people will “like” them and you won’t have any problems.