Technology At Home

I have a problem with technology, and that problem is that I enjoy it too much. The thing is, I spend all day at work using a computer, and then when I come home I tend to feel like I could really do with a break from looking at screens – my eyes ache, I feel like I’ve spent too long concentrating, and all in all I’d love to do something ‘non-techy’ for a bit.

But then the things I want to do always seem to end up being technology related anyway. Either I want to play with my new Oculus Rift which is still a hugely exciting piece of kit, or I want to play a computer game, or I want to browse the web. Even when we watch TV we’re looking at a screen and half the time that’s a computer screen too because we’ll be watching Netflix.

In short, I find it hard to escape technology even when I’m resting at home. So the question is… what can I do to enjoy it without the headache and the guilt?

Take a Break

My first tip is to take a break. Although there’s nothing wrong with spending all day on computers if that’s what you want to do, taking a break can help you to freshen up and feel a little less enslaved by your tech. So come home and go for a walk, or perhaps read a book, and then load up your games console/mobile phone or whatever else it is you want to use. Another good idea is to cook first – cooking always feels refreshing and like you’re doing something ‘worthwhile’.


The main issue most of us have with using technology all day is that we think it damages our eyes. Well I’m here to tell you that that isn’t true, and to help you solve any eyesight-related problems you may be experiencing.

Firstly then, bear in mind that your screens aren’t hurting your eyes. That’s right – there’s zero scientific evidence to suggest that looking at computers will damage your vision. This is nothing but hearsay, so you can rest easy.

That said, if you aren’t careful you can give yourself eyestrain which is a problem. This happens if you sit too close to the screen, if there’s a light glaring on the screen, or if you are in a darkened room. Avoid these problems by thinking of the décor in your rooms where you’re going to be using the technology.

Another tip? If you don’t like looking at the screen then look for ways to use your technology without relying on the screen at all. You can do that by a) looking up while you type or b) listening to podcasts. You can even use voice commands with some phones today.

Oh and the Kindle uses an e-ink display that doesn’t create any glare so that’s a great device to start using.


I’ve already mentioned that considering your décor can help you to ease up on your eyes a bit. Likewise though, if you’re careful with your décor you can also make the space more pleasant to use technology in.

The issue with using a computer at work all day is that you’ll be cooped up in a small and dingy space that leaves you feeling a little rough. You can solve this problem by making your room light and spacious and by using natural materials in your interior design. A nice granite floor will make it feel like you’re walking around outdoors, and likewise using a minimalistic approach with light colours can make you feel airy and relaxed. Throw in some plants and a water feature and you’ll feel at ease while you flick through websites and RSS feeds on your Kindle.

So there you go, that’s how you use technology at home without letting it stress you out!

Author Bio

Today’s featured writer, Nancy Baker, is a freelance blogger, who often writes for Apex Granite Outlet, direct importers of Bath and Kitchen home improvement products. She likes to decorate her home whenever she gets the time. You can also follow her on Twitter @Nancy Baker.