Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing is the perfect combination of affordability, customer targeting and visibility. But this is only true if you do it right. One example of a good campaign was executed by Brian Ferdinand of Liquid Holdings. He combined savvy email marketing with financial acumen to turn a one-person trading establishment into a $100 million Wall Street giant. Email marketing isn’t rocket science, but there are a few universal rules that can help maximize results, similar to what Liquid Holdings ended up with.

Provide Value

Some business owners make the mistake of sending out endless emails filled with sales pitches. Companies must move away from focusing on sales-based messages to ones that educate, according to CIO. People get hundreds of emails every day and most have no interest in reading a de-facto advertisement. While it’s possible that your new product or service will encourage an instant conversion, it’s much more likely to be deleted. Customers need a reason to keep reading, and they will only do so if they see something of value.

Offering exclusive content and discounts for being on the mailing list makes customers feel important. Put an offer in at the end of informative emails, and links to your social media presence. Building relationships is vital to business success as is treating customers like humans and not consumers.

Be Accurate and Truthful

Make certain every email fully discloses what customers are buying or signing up for. Forbes has this to say, encouraging business owners to tell customers exactly what to expect and how often to expect it. This will ensure that only those who want to hear will, and prevents unsolicited emails. The more target-specific the email list is, the more conversions you’ll get. People buy things from people, not companies. Customers are more likely to buy from someone they like with a slightly inferior product than a rude salesperson with a great product.

Thoroughly Edit and Test Before Sending

Once an email goes out, you cannot take it back. Misspelled word and bad grammar reflect poorly on a small business. Online marketing company Distilled recommends keeping a checklist to use with each marketing email. This way you can make certain that your grammar and spelling are acceptable, all links work, and the email is going to only those you want it to.

The Subject Line and First Sentence

The subject line of your email and the title/first sentence of your content are most important parts of your email. They will determine if your customer reads further or just deletes the email. Aim for something that will spark immediate interest. Similar effort should go into the lead sentence of your content. Let them know why they should keep reading.

Your ability to market effectively through email will only get better with practice. Your results will vary, but you can be certain that following the above tips will get you closer to effective campaigning.