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I am pretty sure you already know what Twitter is. But I assume that you don’t know the potential of your Twitter account to feed your bank account, have you thought you can make money with twitter?; actually not too much people know about that. But, also that’s good! To be honest it was a really great surprise for me to discover that I could make money with Twitter; but I am not going to cheat you telling you that you will earn millions of dollars in one week using this method. ABSOLUTELY NOT! If you are looking for a strategy, system, software or product that makes you earn U$1,000,000 in one month working 5 mins per day without investment, keep looking and if you find it some day please come back here and share it with me.

Believe me! The strategies that you could find in TheSuccess4Life’s site are really useful and already tested, actually you could live a good lifestyle (earning between U$100 and U$1,000 per day) using just one or more of them, but this is not magic; this is online business! So, let me return to the main topic of this article: how to make money with twitter;  I don’t want to get you bored with my long story about how I find this way to make money because I am really sure you don’t care. But I want to emphasize that I have tried this method for the last seven months and now I am earning a very nice amount of money each month with five different accounts. How? Keep reading cause I will give you a summary of all my hard work and discoveries about this.

How to make money with Twitter?

I will give it to you the step by step instructions about the start up on make money with twitter. Don’t worry! Starting from the scratch!!

You will need three basic things to make money with Twitter.

Click on each one of the following links to display the instructions

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This is quite simple. Of course, to make money with Twitter you need a Twitter account if you don’t have one yet, you should visit Twitter now and open it. The best part of this “making money” strategy is that you can earn as much as Twitter accounts you have; yes, you can have more than one Twitter account and make money with all of them.

But before you start opening hundreds of Twitter accounts my advice is to start with one or two; develop them and make them grow; then you can make more. Another advice about your Twitter account: choose a good username. It will be easier for you if your Twitter account is about some celebrity, sport team, musician, etc. choose something famous and well-known for your Twitter username. Why? Because in this way it will be easier to get followers and keep them. You can make a Twitter account about fans of Jessica Alba, Beyonce, Enrique Iglesias or anyone you think is famous; actually try to find a celebrity without a VERIFIED Twitter account. Why? In this way you could make people believe that your Twitter account is the official account of that celebrity and you will get thousands and thousands of followers.

Try to customize your Twitter account with a nice picture profile and a good background. Fill all the information of your Twitter account because the tweeters don’t like empty profiles.

To make money with twitter it is not necessary to create a Twitter account about a celebrity or some famous people, you can use your own Twitter account if your tweets are interesting enough. Actually now I am using my personal twitter profile and some others “fictional” profiles.

Once this is covered. It is time to open the second basic step. You are very close to make money with twitter.


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This is the hard part about make money with twitter, but don’t worry. I have it covered. The main goal here is to reach as many followers as possible, but it must be quality followers. The amount of money you can earn per tweet depends on how many followers you have. The difference between earn U$1 per tweet and U$300 per tweet is just the amount of quality followers your Twitter account has. In this way there are two fast ways to get followers:

Using the FollowBack method: This method is very simple, you must follow other people in order to being followed. Maybe you are thinking this is a lot of work (follow 1,000) but it is not, using the correct tools. First, you will need to download a software created to get real followers and manage your Twitter accounts. With the free version you can manage up to 5 accounts. The premium version doesn’t have this limitation and also it has some advanced features which will allow you to get 200k followers on 1 account in 3 months. You can download the free version here.

Twitter Software

List of Followers

Now, you need to follow this instructions step-by-step:

Install the program
Run the software and click in the Menu – Manage – Twitter Accounts: enter the username and password of your Twitter accounts, then you have to click on Save and Close.
Click on Load All Accounts: You will see your accounts in the screen.
Configure the next tasks in the columns of each one of your accounts

Task: Unfollow
Task: Follow from search result | Parameter: #autofollow
Task: Follow from search result | Parameter: #teamfollowback
Task: Follow from search result | Parameter: #teamautofollow
Task: Follow from a list (.txt file) | Parameter: The path where you save the List of Followers (Ex. C:\Users\SCorp\Downloads\List_Of_Followers.txt
Task: Follow other users followers | Parameter: Twitter Username
USE THE OPTION: Always protect mutual followers (In the left side of the software)
Click on Start Tasks

How many people can you follow per day? If now you have less than 500 followers I suggest don’t follow more than 100 people on the first day. Then follow 200-350 per day until you reach 700 followers; between 700 and 1200 followers, follow 350-500 per day; then follow 400-600 until you reach 2000 followers, after that you can follow around 1000 per day, but never more or Twitter will ban you.

Buying followers: This can help a lot to make money with twitter. There are a lot of websites where you can buy followers at low cost. But it is important that the followers you buy must be real people and not bot or fake accounts because in that way you won’t get any benefit of that. Remember that you need QUALITY followers. So, the first thing you need to ask if you want to pay for followers is: Are they real followers? I can not recommend you a website to buy it but I can recommend you start looking for on Here there are very good sellers offering Twitter followers, a good offer could be 300-800 followers for U$5; if you find sellers giving 10,000 for U$5 run away because they will give you fake accounts or bots and that is bad for this purpose. Another good option is to visit the following websites and get some followers by buying some points.



Remember, the main point is to get followers to make money with twitter, but those followers must be real people in order you could make money per tweet. If you are using the name of a celebrity in your Twitter profile I am pretty sure you will receive followers easier, specially when you have more than 5,000, because at this point your Twitter account will have more credibility.


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Now, the best part is to really make money with Twitter and this is as easy as sign up in the best websites of Twitter Advertising, post tweet of the clients and get the payments. I have made a deep research about the best companies and I am going to share with you just the best, trustful and well-known. maybe there are other websites but most of them are new companies and they haven’t earned enough reputation. These companies have good reputation and the best of all, they have been tested for me and I have already gotten payments of them. So, the next step is visit each one of the following links and sign up. They are sort in my favorite order, according to the amount of money they give per tweet, quantity of clients they give it to you and interface.


My Likes




After signing up on each one of the previous websites you will just have to wait for the request to post a tweet and you could earn per tweet or per click (each time a user make click on the link of your tweet). It will take around one week to start receiving the campaigns.


Now, you are ready to make money with twitter. Let’s do some maths, we are going to start with

  • 1 Twitter profile
  • 1 account on each advertising company
  • 1 campaign per day per company
  • Around 2,000 followers
  • U$5 per tweet

You would be earning around U$25 per day.

( 1 profile X 5 companies X 1 campaign X U$5 per campaign = U$25 )

Maybe it is not much money YET, but this is assuming that you don’t have many followers, that you have just one Twitter account and that you receive just one campaign per day (the average is two) and even in this way you could make money with twitter in a decent way. But, let’s create a better outlook to visualize how much you could earn:

  • 3 Twitter profiles
  • 3 accounts on each advertising company (one for each Twitter profile)
  • 1 campaign per day per company
  • Around 10,000 followers (your cost per tweet will be higher)
  • U$15 per tweet

You would be earning around U$225 per day.

( 3 profiles X 5 companies X 1 campaign X U$15 per campaign = U$225 )

What do you think?? U$225 dollars per day could be enough for you? Can you imagine how much could you earn if you have 100,000make money with twitter followers or 10 Twitter profiles? The limit is yourself. Believe me, the celebrities Twitter profiles earn around U$1,000 per tweet but remember they have millions of followers. All of this is just a little of work, a low investment of time and maybe money and you are ready to go. But the good thing is that now you got the tools to make money with twitter. Well, there are a lot of skeptical people, if after reading this you think is not possible to make money with twitter, then I think you should change your pessimism and give it a try. Because you don’t have nothing to lose, I mean the investment is really low and I don’t have any reason to lie. This works for me and there are a lot of users that make money with twitter. I am pretty sure you could get shocked with the results you can obtain.

If you follow each step and work well you could make grow three Twitter profiles in one month and start making this amount of money easily. All is up to you, but believe me it is possible. Maybe you are wondering why I am telling you this for free; well to be honest if you make money I will make more money because I invited you to sign up to these awesome companies and each time you make money the company will reward me for that. In this way you win, I win and everybody wins; you make money with twitter, I make money with twitter and everybody make money with twitter. And also because this website is about making money strategies, I could sell all this information on an e-book but sometimes is much better just to share it. I would like to know if you already make money with Twitter. It would be nice if you comment your experience with this.

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  • This is an amazing strategy… I read this article two months ago and I didn’t comment because I wanted to prove it. Now I have a twitter profile with 142,780 followers and I am earning around 30 bucks per tweet. This really works and the best part is that I got this information for free.

    • ericktrejobts

      I am so glad, this has worked for you too. Please keep updating how does your income grow?

  • Please explain “3 accounts on each advertising company (one for each Twitter profile) “.

    Make 3 accounts for each company. That way, it would require 3 paypal accounts for receiving payments for 3 twitter profiles? For 10 twitter profiles, it would require 10 accounts in each advertising company. Will it be convenient?

    • In your Paypal account you can add more email addresses. In this way, you can give to each account a different email for the payment without open more than one paypal account.

  • Very well explained , Surely would love to try this out … Thanks For Sharing 🙂