Recruitment Plan Business

Even though the economy is going through a difficult time, businesses are still growing. With success comes the need to recruit. Recruiting can seem like a risk during the recession but with a careful recruitment plan, you can avoid making staffing mistakes that could be costly to your business.

Keep your current team on board

If your business isn’t currently expanding you want to make sure you can retain your best team players. The best workers in any business may be offered opportunities by your competitors who can perhaps promise advancements in their career. You need to develop a plan in order to retain them. Work out who your best players are in every department and devise ways of creating opportunities for them and keeping them motivated. If you can prove to them that their careers are not in danger of stagnation and that there are plenty of opportunities for them within your company, you will reduce the chance of them jumping ship to another business.

Make your selection carefully

If you don’t have a large staffing budget you need to find an employee who can be flexible. It is okay to be very specific in your job descriptions and to include absolutely everything you want your future employee to be capable of achieving. It may seem unreasonable to be demanding so much, but this will help you to make sure you are investing in the best possible person who can cover all the tasks you need doing.

Outside Help

Choose a recruitment advertising agency you know will get you the best. A recruitment advertising agency should be viewed as an investment; they ensure your advert gets seen by the right people and therefore give you a better chance of finding your perfect employee. Do some research on different companies before selecting based on your budget and their track record of success within your field.

Taking advantage of the recession

Although the economic outlook may seem gloomy, from a recruiter’s perspective it has its benefits. Hundreds of experienced, high quality workers are being laid off in certain sectors which means the candidate pool is larger than ever. Recruiting now could mean that you have a far wider choice of potential employees available to you.

Recruit strategically

Recruiting is a continuous process not just a short fix to fill an open position. It’s important to always have access to talent when you need it so even if you aren’t actively hiring, allow recruiters to add to your candidates list so you’ll have easy access to the right person at the right time. If you streamline your retention and recruitment so that it’s efficient and effective during the recession, your company will be ready for aggressive growth as soon as the economy improves. By planning and being careful now with your business recruitment, you’ll survive the recession and be ready for expansion in the near future.

[box_light]Jess is a business analyst who works with SMEs, advising on how to grow and expand their businesses.[/box_light]