Selling products and services on e-Commerce platforms is not only a business trend for most companies today, but it comes with lots of benefits that land-based businesses do not enjoy. Those using internet and mobile platforms for marketing and sales have taken control of a larger market share leading to significant revenue growth. B2B eCommerce has also been effective in improving interactions and transactions between suppliers, subsidiaries, collaborators as well as large institutional customers. If you’re a company that wants to take the business to the next level, then you need to find an appropriate eCommerce platform on which you can sell your products and services. And for you to gain sustainable competitive advantage over other businesses, you’ll need to set up a fully functional platform, with the help of Virto E-commerce platform that will serve customers and business partners effectively. Wondering how to do it? Here are ideas that will help you get started.

Study E-commerce Features and Capabilities

Before starting your eCommerce project, take time to understand what an eCommerce platform entails. Typically, there are four key aspects involved: merchandizing and pricing, ordering, fulfillment & integration, enterprise content management and marketing & personalization. For merchandizing and pricing, you need to create master & virtual catalogs, add a number of product variations, custom properties to products and price lists. Using shopping cart software, you can create a simple and efficient way through which customers can make orders. When it comes to ordering, fulfillment and integration, Virto eCommerce uses very innovative document-based management that will allow you to effectively implement B2B fulfilment scenarios.

Enterprise Content Management and Marketing

For the eCommerce business to be fully integrated, you’ll be required to create custom pages, blogs and include imported and modified themes. The content management system (CMS) should be able to support both localization and globalization. Marketing and personalization is also a major element to success of an e-Commerce platform. Virto eCommerce can help you define your promotions and overall marketing strategy which will contribute to a major growth of your business. And more importantly, the company can create a flexible B2B checkout and order management that will integrate people and systems mainly involving permissions, lines of credit, contracts, prices and so much more.

Agility during the Development Process

Since the eCommerce world is ever changing, it’s good to have a flexible and agile development process. You can start small today and evolve to become one of the most successful businesses that are based online. And to achieve that you need to increase the speed at which you interact with customers in the market by ensuring fast delivery of both products and information. Having integrated teams and influence roadmap is also key which means you’ll need to work in close collaboration with solution providers. For purposes of continuous development, you might need to clone and reuse platform infrastructure. In order to access the latest releases and infrastructure, Virto eCommerce can help you gain access to the latest development code. And what’s more, the company involves you in the development process so you get to understand the entire process of setting up and running your own ecommerce platform.


When you know there so much at stake in online business, setting up a fully-functional ecommerce website should be your top priority. Once you’ve mastered the concept of how E-commerce platforms operate, the next step is to find a reliable company to help you in the set up process. After performing everything from merchandising, to pricing all through to marketing and personalization, your online business will be up and running and you’ll soon start reaping the benefits.