Build Online Presence

A first look at social media as a business building tool may appear too overwhelming for most marketers. However, the fact is they are the easiest to incorporate in your plan. Collectively, Facebook and Twitter together have a billion users registered with them, and concentrating on these two social media can bring in big business to your organization. In terms of reach, though they are next only to search engines, their potential is far more than you may have imagined.

The first step to building an online presence using social media is not the media itself. You must begin with a professional website for your business and then move on to social media, and not too many of it. You can begin with Facebook and Twitter, and afterwards you can consider the likes of LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Images Speak Louder than Written Content

The reason why we recommend images over text is that they are easier for users to understand; especially those who use the social media. Social media users tend to scan pages rather than read content. Commissioning a professional photographer to make images will really help your website. Remember the saying that a single photo can speak for a thousand words? It is generally believed that profiles with photos are good at engaging users.

Like It or Not Freebies Matter

Giveaways in social media can cost you substantially, but you don’t have to part with a fortune. Consider the giveaways as part of the budget, and keep it to the minimum. You can organize contests and give prize money. This will help social media users discuss your company and your brands. The more your brand is discussed the more viral your postings will go. When you organize contests, make sure you get their email address. It will help you contact them and take your business ahead.

A Real Professional Website – A Must

Remember that a professional website is the first thing you need to build before you venture into social media. Social media has its own restrictions both in terms of content and volume. You will have to go by the media’s guidelines, and that sometimes can be very restricting to your line of business. You can come around with this problem by weaning them to visit your professional website, but here you must deliver on your promises, meaning they should be navigable and it should be great in content.

Get your website designed by a professional who can advise you on content and quality. You can have great slide shows, graphics and videos to keep your audience enthralled while they are at your professional website.

Interconnect Your Blog, Social Media Profile and Your Professional Website

Always take a multipronged approach to building an online presence. That means coordinating your social media profile, your blog and your professional website. They should act in tandem and be consistent in their content and approach. This is more true when you are launching a new product or repositioning an older product.

Begin with discussing your new product on your blog and link it to your professional website and social media as well. You should also link it the other way round so that you never lose an opportunity to discuss your products. Remember that your business can originate at anyone of these places.

Make Things Easy for Your Customers

When you have done all your social media, blog and professional website that is perfect for your business, the next big thing to concentrate is the payment gateway. The more means you have better are the chances of clinching deals. Make the payment process secure by getting SSL certification. It builds confidence in the minds of your customers.

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