Blogging To Promote Affiliate Products

While it is pretty easy to set up a website, benefiting from the site requires some creative pre-selling and affiliate marketing is a well approved and accepted alternative. Affiliate marketing is a kind of marketing where a company’s website pays the affiliate web sites a commission whenever a customer visits the company’s website due to the affiliate’s marketing strategy. Affiliate websites place links to the company’s website and are rewarded according to an agreement that is generally based on the amount of traffic the affiliate websites directs to the company’s website or the amount of people who purchase things or services from them.

While Affiliate Marketing is an excellent way to make money without having one’s own product, promoting affiliate products has been banned by Google. As Google favors on websites that contain creative and appropriate subject matter. Therefore creating one’s own blog site where one can write exclusive and creative content and which will be approved by Pay-per Click (PPC) advertising programs like Google Adwords and StumbleUpon is the best option to promote affiliate products. Blogs also help to promote more than one product which lets you make more income at the same time. Having one’s own blog creates more options to bring in visitors from various forums and search engines.

The easiest and most effective way to promote affiliate products are as follows:

  • Endorse goods and services that relate to the niche of the website as this will increase the sales. So, choose the appropriate affiliate product associated with one’s niche even if the price of the product is high or the commission provided is low.
  • Once the kind of product has been decided, one should choose the company or brand that one would endorse on one’s website. The reputation of the brand is very important.
  • Promote goods and services by integrating it into the content of the web site.
  • Write product appraisals and advocate the products personally as this will give the readers an idea of the product features.
  • Make use of visual links that integrate with the blog site’s design.
  • Make an e-mail list to send e-mails to potential customers. Include appraisals of the product with links to one’s web site.
  • Select products that give a concession or free samples.
  • Make use of PPC advertising programs, like Google Adwords, to promote the product.
  • Use search engine optimization (SEO) tools to get listed with the most important search engines. Instead of keyword stuffing the blog post make use of long tail keywords to get more visitors from the search engines.
  • Target Social Media sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc. to bring in more visitors to one’s blog site. Be active on social media sites and associate with fans, other bloggers, influencers, etc. This will increase the visibility of the affiliate products.
  • Tactfully interlink one’s articles – One can write blog posts associated with the product and connect to the review pages.
  • Acquire a domain for the blog site to endorse the affiliate products with excellent appraisals in the blog.

 While promoting affiliate products with blogs is really easy, the biggest mistake that most people make is to copy and paste e-mails created by the product owner to promote their products on to the blogs. This makes the blog site look like an untidy display board instead of a functional blog site. Blog owners should create novel and only one of its kind blog posts.

With sufficient preparation and adequate pre-selling this one-time endeavor will reproduce itself by getting more traffic from the search engines and visitors referred by others to one’s blog. In addition these visitors will be motivated to return to the blog site to get updated information about the products and this way, one can make more money from affiliate products than from advertisements on the internet.

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