Remote Working infographic

Remote working, also known as working from home, is something more small and medium-sized businesses are opening up to, and many employees with such companies are keen on the idea, especially if this infographic from Powwownow is anything to go by. With nearly seven out of ten companies surveyed revealing that they allow employees to work from home during flexible hours, it seems that remote working is rapidly becoming the norm, especially as it comes with many benefits for all involved.

While it might seem logical, many people who choose remote working over travelling to and from an office find that communication can be problematic. Despite having e-mail, mobile phones and even conference calling available to them, many surveyed would like to see all those different technologies in one place because of ease of use, being able to respond instantly and convenience. However, remote working is much easier now than it would have been a few years ago, and the fact that more people are doing it speaks volumes.

The infographic above was created by the free conference calling company Powwownow.

Working remotely Infographic