Logo Design Branding

Your logo represents your brand. Your logo will enable you to be remembered by your audience as it creates trust amongst them. For new or existing businesses undergoing rebranding, the following 6 factors are very important when designing a logo that will act as a selling point for your business.

Don’t Mess With The Colors

Colors play a very vital role in a logo because they create an impression on the client’s mindset. Yellow and orange for instance are associated with fun times while gray and blue are mostly associated with authority and trust. The intensity of the colors that you use is also important. For example, neon colors are used for making bold impressions while beauty and health industries are mostly represented by soft pastels of shades. For optimal vision, flat color blocks would be much better.

Make It Multi-purpose

The design of the logo should be such that in should convey the message whether used in large formats or in small adverts e.g. in social media. The logo should be designed in a proportional manner such that minor alterations do not change the way the logo looks like. If the logo is not designed in this way, resizing it might distort its purpose.

Protect Your Brand

After working hard to design your logo, you should be proud of it. Your staff, media, affiliates and other third parties should know how the logo is used. For instance, you could stress to them the importance and meaning of each color in the logo, the significance of any fine detail therein. If your logo has a green color in it, they should never substitute it with light green or any other color.

Is It Appropriate?

The logo designed should be appropriate for your business. The logo should be in consistence with your other business assets. The logo should not only represent your business as a brand, but it should also be appropriate in your industry of business. The symbols in your logo should not create a rift between your goods and services and the perceptions of your audience.

Brief But Sufficient

Do not try to put so much information in your logo as this will spoil its appearance. Too much information will make it look confusing, mostly with smaller stuff. The pictures that you use in your logo should not have texts because this reduces the clarity of the logo. The texts could become irrelevant with time as well. For maximum clarity, stick to a single symbol or shape.

Make It Clear

Your logo should be clear. Never compromise on its quality by trying to add pomp through the use of drop shadows or funny beveling patterns. This is because some media platforms can distort some of the content and make the logo look useless.

Love Your Logo

This is the most important thing. Do not be in a hurry while your designer works on it. Take your time as he tries different variations of the logo till you are fully satisfied. Your logo is a very important visible brand of your business. The sight of your logo should make you happy every time you see it.

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