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It is estimated that around 5% of the weight loss affiliates rake in around 95% of the profits.  Being one of the big money makers isn’t by chance.

The weight loss industry is an ever expanding market.  Americans forked out over $40 billion last year alone on weight loss products and services.  The industry is hugely varied as well – from pharmaceuticals to fitness plans.  Over 70 million people use these various services and products being offered.

There is intense competition in this highly profitable market, but there is room for you if you can find a unique place in the industry.  It is estimated that around 5% of the weight loss affiliates rake in around 95% of the profits.

Being one of the few big money makers isn’t by chance.  You can earn substantial income too, just by knowing what you should and shouldn’t do.  Read on to learn how you can earn real money in this industry.

Fads are Bad

The weight loss industry is replete with fads.  As these fads surge in popularity, swarms of affiliates jump from fad to fad.  Chances are, these affiliates don’t earn much money by chasing fads – especially if they are new to the industry.

Do you really want to build a business that will be based on a product or service that could fade away after a couple of months?

Hoodia is a great example of a fad that came and went.  Hoodia is a diet pill, taken from a South African cactus.  It is supposed to be an appetite suppressant.  As Hoodia’s popularity skyrocketed, it was discovered that three quarters of the Hoodia products being sold in the United States were fake.  Hoodia has since dropped off the dietary map.

Narrow Your Focus

There are a lot of fish in the weight loss industry sea, and they tend to school.  Instead of selling a ton of products – just like everyone else – be unique.

Focus on only a few products.  People who have huge listings of products just barely manage to scrape by.  But companies who specialize with unique products stand out and make larger profits.  Don’t try to open a ‘department store’ for weight loss, but rather a ‘boutique’.

It’s a Scam

Setting up a weight loss business can take a lot of time and energy.  You have enough legitimate issues to deal with.  The last thing you need is to be broadsided by a scam.

Within this huge industry are a lot of scams and products that do not deliver.  Do your homework and due process before jumping into something.  A product that is faulty might initially sell well; but eventually, your name and business will be besmirched by your bad business dealings.

The acai berry, a South American fruit, was triumphed as a wonder weight loss product that quickens your metabolism and burns fat.  Research later showed that it was just a tasty purple berry.  Sure, it is jam packed with antioxidants and vitamins.  But, it has no ability to speed up the body’s metabolism.  In the weight loss industry today, the Acai berry is stained with scam and has tarnished a lot of businesses.

Keywords Conscious

After picking a unique weight loss service or product that you are proud to stand behind, you will need to start building a customer base and attracting buyers to your business.

Since you want to sell your products, the people you want to attract are the ones hoping to make a purchase.  How to do these potential customers find you?  Potential customers – as opposed to window shoppers – are the ones doing keyword specific internet searches.

Keywords will help you draw in the buyers.  Make sure your keywords are not too general; this will only attract the browsers.  Be specific and target people who want to buy.  Include words like “buy” or “purchase” with your keywords.

All Set?

Focus on products you are proud to get behind.  Build your business from a unique standpoint and don’t blend in with the crowd.

By taking the right steps, you can easily find yourself among the 5% of entrepreneurs making a great deal of money in the weight loss industry.

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[box_light]Guest author Ron Barraza works for a company that sells various health and nutrition products, including vitamin B12 injections, other weight loss injections, herbal energy pouches and chia seed bars.  The company has definitely experienced some ups and downs over the years – especially with their B12 shots – and these marketing tips come straight from personal experience![/box_light]