Social Media Tips

Social media marketing can be pretty intimidating, especially for amateur marketers. Unlike a personal account, a business page on Facebook or Twitter needs to be carefully managed to achieve marketing goals.

Online, you can read a lot of articles to help you manage your social media accounts. But these can be intimidating. These articles are written with so many jargon and unfamiliar terms that young marketers are having trouble following these supposed to be helpful tips.

But in reality, social media management is actually easy. Sure, it can be a bit of challenge to increase your followers and improve interaction, but that can be done if you just manage your accounts properly.

To help you understand how social management should be done without all the complications, here are simple, but effective tips even newbies can follow:

Follow people and pages

Followers won’t follow you unless you let them know of your online presence. That is why you have to initiate the gesture and follow people. Once you start following them, they will start following you back. However, keep in mind that you have to keep your following-to-follower ration healthy, to avoid getting suspended. This is specifically applied in Twitter.

Share informative contents

The core of a great social media page is not the number of followers, nor the engagement rate. It is all about the contents you share. Quality contents are integral part of social media to generate followers, and improve engagement. People tend to share topics that they find useful, so always provide them with these types of contents. But, keep in mind that you should not limit your updates to your website’s contents, you should also share useful posts from other websites.

Mix up your contents

If you think that articles are the only informative contents you can share online, then you are wrong. You are missing a lot of opportunity if you are only sharing such contents. You have to mix it up, and share other types of contents like videos, images, quotes, infographs, and podcasts. The variety of contents you share help your page appear less monotonous and more friendly.

Be consistent in updating

Be always consistent in updating your social media accounts. Never miss a day without posting anything for your followers. The more active you are in sharing, commenting, liking and posting, the more you encourage people to follow you, and interact with you. Besides, a missed day is a missed opportunity to come out on the news feed of every person following you.

Know the best time to post your contents

Analyze the best time to update your accounts. You can use the tools provided by the social media sites, or you can use external tools that measure a page’s effectiveness. Each social media platform has different best post time. In Facebook, the best time to post is 1-6 pm during the weekdays, which often peaks during Wednesday. In Twitter, user engagement is better during 1-3 pm from Monday to Thursday. Weekends are the best day for Pinterest and Tumblr, but it peaks during Saturday morning for the former, and Sunday for the latter.

To make your life convenient, just schedule your posts using tools like Buffer and Hootsuite. You don’t have to worry about not updating on time if you use these tools.

Add attractive images

Images are a central mover in improving a social networking page. A creative image attracts people to click-through and read your posts. Without this, your page will look boring, and unattractive. People will never even think twice to ignore you. Your updates will also stand out on your followers feeds if you attach photos. In a March 2014 research by eMarketer, images increase Facebook page interaction by 87%. Meanwhile, Twitter pages get 35% boost in re-tweet if you tweet a photo.

Post updates multiple times

It is intuitive to think that re-posting your previous posts, will irritate your followers and un-follow you. But the truth is, it actually improves engagement. Guy Kawasaki of Holy Kaw, shares the same content four times a day, with an eight hour interval. This is to accommodate all his followers in different time zones. Obviously not all people are at the same time to view your first post. Hence, your succeeding posts will still garner the same amount of reach and engagement. Posting multiple times help improve a page’s interaction rate by more than 60%.

Add hashtags on your updates

Hashtags are adapted by Facebook, Google+ and other social media sites because of its effectiveness to manage updates, and curate information. It can also help make your page more visible to other people. If you try newsjacking, the strategy of sharing trending topics, you’ll be able to ride with the fame of a news and get more people to see you.

Ask questions to your followers

Questions on social media pages help move people to interact with you. Even if you get so many followers, your page won’t still be as effective if you can’t persuade people to comment, share or like. If you ask questions, they will be psyched up to answer it. It will then lead to lengthy conversations with more people joining to share their thoughts.

It could look a bit difficult, but when you actually start doing them, you will realize that these tips are pretty easy to execute. And if you do them right, it can help boost your company’s profit and online impression.

About the Author: Maddy Bertelsen has been writing for a living since she graduated from Texas Wesleyan University. She is now working as a marketing associate for edugeeksclub, a club for writing enthusiasts.