Online Careers

The internet is the best field-leveler in the modern workplace. By removing constraints like overhead the internet affords everyone the opportunity to get into the e-sector game. Not to say that corporate juggernauts won’t lead the field, but competition for viewership and custom online is much more equitable when you don’t have to pay for premises and property taxes. Nobody’s going to go under because of server fees.

1. Freelance Writer

Writing is a skill-based profession, and anyone with the grit and know-how to work in fields like technical writing, blogging, and copywriting can expect a healthy engagement with the internet’s writing community and the sectors that employ it. Build a portfolio, find what you want to do, and do it.

2. Podcaster

Managing or recording a podcast is another fun way to start engaging with the online public. A listenership can be difficult to acquire, but if you’re smart about your content and keep things fresh you should be able to drum up a respectable following and then open yourself up to commercial opportunities like advertising.

3. Server Administration

For go-getters who want to want to make use of their organizational or administrative skills, server administration presents a clear sector for employment opportunities. Thousands of individuals are employed remotely by e-space providers looking to manage their online real estate effectively. Equipped with the right training you can provide a valuable service to all kinds of people.

4. Technical Support

The online community’s interconnected nature and total dependence on technology necessitates the involvement of support staff. There’s a lot of security involved in tech support, as any sizeable company and even many smaller interests are going to need someone on call at all times, or at least during business hours. This is a great career for anyone with a bit of computer sense and the drive to keep learning and stay current.

5. Affiliate Marketing Program

Affiliate Marketing has a major advantage, namely its low investment cost due to models like pay-per-click or pay-for-performance marketing. For we out here in the workforce, low-overhead business is a huge plus, and affiliate marketing has proven potential. Anyone interested in developing a bit of a network online should definitely consider it.

6. Website Development

Using tools like StudioPress an aspiring Web developer can build the sites that every online presence depends on. A graphical environment is absolutely essential for any serious business, and providing graphical services like StudioPress WordPress themes you can involve yourself in the construction of the platforms that allow businesses to reach their clientele through the powerful marketing medium of the internet. With online training services made possible by webinar and face-to-face technology, learning development skills has never been easier.

7. Virtual Assistant

There’s no shortage of demanded with this one. I’ve done some virtual secretarial and organizational work, and it’s always sorely needed whether you’re working for a big multinational or just a prominent internet personality. Email has to be dealt with, schedules made and updated, information dispersed. Everyone needs a filing service, and someone willing to commit to being professionally on-the-ball can really make a good career out of virtual assisting.

8. Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Google+, Twitter and all their satellite platforms are here to stay, and advertisers are finally catching on. What this means is that tens of thousands of companies are now looking for people to run their Facebook pages, develop policies for their Twitter feeds, and generally handle their social media relations. This is an evolving industry, so it’s time to get in on the ground floor.

9. Blogger

Blogging and blog administration are a sort of collective warhorse among online careers. Finding literary voices people want to listen to and subjects they want to hear discussed can lead to many of the same opportunities afford to podcasters, their more recent cousins. Again, as with many online self-start professions, blog overhead is nothing but your time! I choose to write articles and blog for and it is a very successful relationship.  As such, anyone can do it with a little research and effort.

Mike Kelley is a Maine native now residing in Washington State on the Olympic Peninsula. A website designer, he runs a review and education blog meant to help Web users understand WordPress and its functions. He covers subjects like DIY Thesis theme reviews, helping blog admins optimize their graphical environments.