Increase Your Online Sales

Owning a business is one thing, but even the best business ideas won’t succeed to increase online sales unless you apply these 7 essential small business marketing ideas.

These essential small business marketing ideas are your golden rules to succeed online. Anyone can do these and everyone should do them as they combine to become a powerful lead generating machine will get your business on page 1 Google.

1. Looking For Ways to Increase Sales?  Get Your Own App!

Getting a smartphone app for your business is easier and far cheaper than you think!  You can even create one in minutes using your Facebook page.

2. Stop Fighting Google – Instead Get Google To Work For You

So many people waste time and money trying to game the system to try and outwit Google.   Scammers claim they have inside knowledge.   My advice is to take advantage of the ways that Google is trying to help you grow your business online including claiming your free Google listing which how to get on the first page of Google the smart way.

3. Are You Asking Yourself “How Do I Promote My Website”?  Then Use Social Media!

Your customers are on social media and so should you.   It’s the ideal way to engage with them, and help position you as the trusted expert in your field.   Plus they can help you build contacts and finally give you something useful to do with those business cards you collect.

4. Protect Yourself- You Need To Protect Your Data and Online Reputation

Losing all your data to a hard disk crash is only one of the protection issues you should be actively managing.  Too few companies realise that a single bad online review that was left years ago could be damaging their business today.   Luckily, it’s really easy and free to solve both these issues.

5. Press releases – One Of The Best Small Business Marketing Ideas

Press releases are now for everyone.    All businesses, no matter what size and market, can and should use press releases as one of the ways to promote a business and is how to get on the first page of Google the fast way.

6. One Of The Best Business Ideas – Boost Your Business Using Existing Clients!

The easiest way to boost your business is better use your existing clients.  They already know you and your products and services.  You should not only give them a reason to buy again and again but ask them for testimonials and reviews (see point 4).

7. Email Marketing – A Powerful Marketing Tool

Surveys say you must engage with a customer 7 times before they will buy from you.   Creating a message sequence that is then delivered automatically is a fantastic way to do this on auto pilot.  Get your free email marketing course at

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20 Minute Business Boosts are small business marketing ideas that are free short simple steps that anyone can take to boost their business online and get more sales and leads.