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If you are new in internet marketing, learning about content marketing can be a tad intimidating. You are not alone, though. Even experienced digital marketers feel the same way. They sometimes make bad content plan that compromises their brand online.

The truth is, there are no secrets in producing powerful content marketing plans, but there are easy tips that amateurs and experts can use. These tips can be their guide to improve their company’s digital presence and boost their sales. Here are few content marketing tips so easy, anyone can do them:

Go Social

If you haven’t set up your social media accounts yet, then start it already. It is very easy to register a new account, not to mention its free. This is the easiest and most effective way to share your contents to people. However, you have to strategically choose which platforms you want to take. Choosing all of them can be confusing to manage.

You can start with Google+, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. These are the major social media sites commonly used by people. If you want to focus on images and infographics, you may want to consider Pinterest. A blog is also essential if you want to share helpful tips and interesting stories.

Understand Your Market

Before you can create striking contents, you have to analyze your company’s target market first. This can help you decide which social networking site is suitable for your business. For example, We Heart It and Tumblr gets the teenage demographics, while LinkedIn gets the young adult, career oriented users. Choosing the perfect platform optimize your content marketing strategy. Note that you may use more than one social media site to maximize your reach.

Choose Types of Contents to Share

There are different types of contents that you can share. Every content achieves different goals. Here are some contents that you can produce:

Blogs– Aside from the fact that blogs fuel Search Engine Optimization, it also represents your company’s voice and expertise. Also, valuable contents are easy to share, especially when people can relate to the topic of your blog.

Photos/ Infographics– Images attract more click-through than shared articles in Facebook and Twitter. Hence, sharing photos and infographics can be effective marketing contents. These are also easy to share because they exude visual impact compared to articles.

Videos– Videos add spice to your social media accounts. Plus, if a video is creatively made, you can make a viral content via YouTube. Remind yourself that online users have short attention span, so keep your videos short.

Promo Announcements– Do you have an ongoing promotion or sale? Announce it online. People will quickly pick and share this news. This is also a great time to promote your products

Stay Consistent

In content marketing, consistency helps improve number of followers. It also shows the coherence and togetherness on your account, echoing your company voice. Some companies, follow thematic posts per day, like Flash Back Friday and Motivational Monday. This pattern helps collate data for your readers’ convenience.

Be Different

With so many businesses going online aiming to get the attention of people, it is wise to make your posts stand out. Be creative in choosing titles and topics for your blog. Think about new angles that will attract attention of readers. Think of composition and design when sharing photos. Remember, online users always look for something new and informative so be different.

Share and Interact

It is useless to share contents online and stop there. The purpose of going online is to get wider market reach. That means you have to build relationship with your followers. Respond whenever they ask questions, leave comments, share posts, or give plus ones. A social media management plan should be unified with your content marketing plan, to maximize its effect on your business.

It takes a lot of hit and miss, before you can get the hang of making contents that can elicit a response from your market. By starting off with these easy content marketing tips, you can effectively improve your online presence and increase your sales.

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