E-commerce conversion rates

Converting means making people go from looking at your website to buying something from your website. The conversion rate is made up by how many people visit against how many purchase. A high conversion rate means that lots of people are buying, which is a good thing. If your website is not converting then you need to get to the bottom of it. In the world of marketing and friendly persuasion you are tasked with converting as many people as possible but have to contend with a lot of factors when you do. Below are five reasons your eCommerce website isn’t converting and they are riddled with these detrimental factors.

1 – People do not trust your website

Trust is what makes or breaks a sale, and it goes for all types of selling in all industries. If people do not trust your website then they will never buy from you. Figure out what they do not trust and why.

Those are two big questions that you need to take seriously. There is not necessarily a general distrust of your website. It may just be one thing, so you should figure out what that one thing is. Is it your payment processing? Your website graphics or the sales blurb for your products? It may even be the fact that your images are not trustworthy and maybe that they look cheap or poorly optimized. It may be that your images are not showing for a lot of users.

Why they do not trust you is another factor that probably relates to the “what” question. For example, if you find out that it is your pictures putting people off, then find out why. Is it because they do not show? Or is it because they look like the photos were taken on a kitchen table. It could even be the setting that is putting people off. For example, if you are selling a concrete bird table then people think it is bigger and better if it is sat on a garden full of grass. They do not trust the images so much if it is photographed next to a wall in a builder’s yard.

2 – You need to sell to people but you are doing a bad job

The fact is that you may be losing customers because you as simply doing a bad job at selling to people. Some people may simply not be convinced by the marketing patter that you have on your website. Create a batch of landing pages and put different marketing banter on each one for the same product. Direct traffic to it to see which converts.

3 – Untargeted consumers are landing on your website

Targeted traffic includes traffic that wants to be on your website. If you have a certain customer type then you need to be appealing to them off-website. They should be the ones visiting you website. Traffic means nothing if you are attracting the wrong type of person.

4 – Getting information, a price or to a product is frustrating

If any part of your website is frustrating then that is causing people to leave your website. It can be something such as the website loading up incorrectly or a certain piece of information being missing. The price may not be visible or the cart may not add the product in when clicked. Search out problems and find solutions.

5 – People want reassuring product information that you do not give

This is something that so many eCommerce websites do that they should all be slapped in unison. There are sometimes simple bits of information that some people need in order to make a sale.

For example, if you are selling chicken flavored chips, there are people who will want to know if it is flavoring or real chicken. If your advert fails to mention what it is then they will not buy just in case it is (or isn’t) real chicken in the flavoring.

There are also people who want to know details because they have a certain purpose in mind for your product. For example, if you sell tablets then can the tablet transfer files via flash or SD card? Is the memory expandable? These are the sorts of things that make people leave your website if they cannot find an answer.

There are also standard-information pieces that you need to answer such as how long will delivery take? How much is delivery? Can I send it to an address without having the price label showing? The more you tell people then the more likely they will be to make a purchase.

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