People seem to think that working in Real Estate is one of the easiest things to do. However, it doesn’t take long for reality to hit, and the now “new agent” to realize how hard it is to build a sustainable business, and a brand by themselves. After all, there is a lot of competition in the industry. Let’s face it, we all know somebody with a real estate license a friend, a sister, a cousin, the neighbor, a co-worker, and the list goes on and on. Here we’ll be sharing over the course of a month, 5 keys strategies to succeed in Real Estate when you are just starting.


Agents should look for an office that can guide you a support you while you learn little by little how to work the business. Here are basic points you should check off when deciding who to work with:

  • Commission Splits: What kind of commission splits do they offer? How much of a commission would I get? How can I get the most of my commission? Is there such thing as 100% commission?

Many offices now days offer agents to keep 100% of commission by paying a monthly. In Florida you can visit:

  • Marketing and Technology: Does the company have an online presence? Is it known and followed by other people in the industry? How innovative is their marketing strategies?

In today’s world and online presence is just as important as quality and service. If you see an office which lacks online marketing and advertising, chances are they won’t last in the long run. For most people now days having smartphones and all the knowledge in the world on your fingertips, the first thing people do when thinking about either buying or selling is to search the internet, and guess what? If they can’t find your office, chances are they can’t find you. Basically, you have to think of it in terms of “If it’s not in the internet, it doesn’t exist”.

  • Mentoring and training: Do they offer any king of mentoring or training to new agents?

Again, now days this can be either going physically to a room, or just doing from the comfort of your home through skype or google hangouts. It doesn’t really matter what they approach is as long as you feel you can learn and interact with the trainer.

  • Location: It’s counter intuitive how people seem to think that going into an office will actually help you in getting listing or finding buyers. Real Estate is a people business, meaning that just sitting around in an office will ultimately do nothing for you; Yes, you may get in contact with one buyer with Champaign taste and beer budget (you know what I mean). Basically, location was far more important before than it is today. After all, you do not want to be the broke agent saying “hi” to people, you want to be the go-getter, listing and showing machine who is always meeting and talking with prospects.

By: Hernan Murias – President/CEO
LR Miami International Realty