Small Business Productivity

While research has revealed that workplace productivity is influenced by a number of things (open spaces, natural light), technology is often seen as a workplace deterrent. Constant access to social media via smart phone and tablet can be damaging to the amount of work an employee accomplishes in a day, though most are able to regulate their non-work activities. In fact, some research suggests that employees are actually more productive when they allow themselves these mini-breaks to recharge.
When used correctly, technology allows employees to maximize their efforts to create a more productive, happy workplace. Below are four examples of technology designed to create a more functional work space.

Wireless Router (and Apps)

Because Ethernet cables create what appears to do a construction zone in offices where there are many computers, a wireless router is an essential workplace tool. When aimed at a television or gaming set, a good wireless router will provide extremely fast internet to areas otherwise polluted with other waves. Wireless routers (like Belkin’s MAX Play) contain full-band video speeds and apps that allow you to do things like print wirelessly within a covered area.

Time Management Software

Long gone are the days of simple time management systems—you’d be hard-pressed to find a workplace relying on the “write it down on a post-it” method of timekeeping. Now, clocking in and out is carefully managed by way of a few different systems. Computer based programs are very popular, and allow the user to log hours by selecting a variety of tasks or clients to bill to.
Another, more futuristic option is the biometric time clock, which are being heavily used by the automotive industry due to their advanced potential for security. Such systems require the input of a thumb or fingerprint to clock in or out, manage vacation time, and gain access to things like keys.


Though they’ve been around for a while now, tablets provide a valuable alternative to pen and paper calendars. By allowing employees to manage documents online, you ensure that they are constantly connected to the company. This might allow for employees to work at home, conduct work during computer maintenance, and more accurately keep track of things such as meeting notes.

Portable Projectors

Portable projectors, such as the Samsung SP-H03 Pico, provide an excellent way to set yourself apart during business presentations. At only six ounces, these machines can project displays that are up to 80 inches, and high resolution. The battery life is two hours, they’ve got internal memory, and they work anywhere.
For businesses reliant on sales or presentations, these projectors are a must.

Technology is now offering more to the workplace than it is taking away. Through careful management, a desire to learn and to teach, and a willingness to be open minded to new, innovative workplace solutions, small business owners can expect great increases in employee happiness and productivity.

[box_light]Linda Wu enjoys writing about new trends and exploring ways to improve business operations and processes, including all things biometrics. She currently works for Actual iD , a biometric time and attendance company where managing the “true identity” of people matters.[/box_light]