Social Media Platforms

Using social media nowadays as a marketing tool is almost counterintuitive. These platforms offer a variety of advantages and possibilities to reach millions of people in the most effective way. Basically, social media is an inexpensive way to raise awareness and promote your brand. The flow of information is instantaneous, making these platforms both useful and dangerous, depending on how you use them.

We are all familiar with Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, but there are many more options you can explore. There are numerous social platforms out there that may proof beneficial for your business in one way or another. Here are four social media sites that are worthy of your attention.


Image- based platforms are gaining huge popularity and Pinterest is at the top of the list. The format of the site allows a quick spread of content among many users due to the “re-pinning” feature. If you emphasize on the aesthetics of your product, then all you need is a couple of well-taken photos and Pinterest. You can display your products by creating different boards. You can use for anything – from cleaning products to fashion and lifestyle. The only requirement is to incorporate fresh, artistic and creative approach. You can use anything from pictures to infographics and other visual content, depending on the type of goods you offer. You can combine it with social media profiles by cross-posting images. With a little consistency and a couple of visually appealing pictures, you can really benefit from Pinterest.


Although the video or picture message in Snapchat will delete itself within seconds, you can turn this time constraint into an advantage. For example, brands can use it as a teaser for an upcoming product and event. This quick glimpse will increase the suspense and expectation. Plus, if anything goes wrong, you will not be cleaning up a huge mess. The sender can determine how long a picture can be viewed, from 1 to 10 seconds.


This is one of the most popular social media platforms around. It is primarily used by celebrities and individual users who share images with family, friends and followers. This is the reason why many marketers overlook this tool. If properly implemented, you can still take advantage of Instagram. You can create an account and connect it with your Facebook and Twitter profile. Instagram is a great way to highlight the personal side of your brand. You can use pictures of your co-workers, office or interesting events. Use hashtags if needed but don’t overdo it. Your followers can comment and like the images. Instagram is a great way to engage your audience on a regular basis.


Although it contains over 130 million blogs, Tumblr is another neglected tool by the marketers. The primary audience of the platform are teens and young adults who use it as a new way to express themselves. The popularity of Tumblr sufficiently decreased as Yahoo purchased it in 2003. However, it can still be valuable for the marketers. The tool can be used as a way to publish and distribute content. The best thing about Tumblr is that you can build long-term relationship with your targeted audience .The platform is more appropriate as a niche strategy. Keep in mind, that Tumblr readers prefer visual over written content. You can still combine both to reach larger audience. Many fashion and skin cleaning and care brands use it to advertise their products.

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