Sharing Economy

The ever evolving cyber world of the internet and the new companies that have sprung up as a result has made it much more possible to work from home and by using resources that you already have. Companies such as AIRBNB, Uber, and Fiverr have just recently become the means by which people can connect via the internet to do business together as was not possible in the days before the internet. Whether you have a couch you are willing to rent, a car you do not mind putting miles on or simply have a useful skill such as how to do Computer graphic animation, you can make money on your own terms. In this day and age it is possible for virtually anyone to make money without bosses watching over your back or the inconvenience of annoying coworkers. You don’t even have to do this by starting your own business as you can use certain websites to connect and sell your services and products free of charge.

A Couch Or An Empty Room Could Be The Start Of Your Business

We have all heard of EBay, but what else is out there? One company, called AIRBNB, allows you to turn your home or vacation home into a Bed and breakfast money making machine. All you do with this website is post your space in the listings, with your listing including a description of the space, up to 24 photos, pricing and availability details, what kinds of amenities such as Wi-Fi are available along with a description of the neighborhood and location. Besides the time it takes to post the ad and correspond with interested guests when making arrangements, the only real work you have to do is tidy up your space as guests come and go while you earn extra money in the process.

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Allow Your Car Making Money For You

Another company that has emerged as a resource in making money in a way that was not possible before is a company called UBER. With Uber you can make extra money by putting your car and driving skills to good use. Some may not want to put miles on their car and do any extra driving, but those who do not mind doing some driving and using their car as a work tool can make extra money simply by driving for Uber. You have a car but you don’t want to spend hours behind the wheel? Then allow your car bringing money to your pockets. A lot of people is looking for work with Uber but they don’t have a car, so you just have to provide your car, Uber will provide a driver and you can just sit, relax and see the money rolling in. And don’t worry about your valuable asset (your car), Uber’s policy protect you against everything.

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What exactly is Uber? Uber is in essence a taxi service, when someone needs a ride, instead of calling a cab company they would book their ride through Uber for cheaper than the price of a taxi. Uber’s drivers are all independent contractors who use their own vehicle in their spare time to give people rides in the same way that Cabs do. Anyone can be an Uber driver as long as they a driver’s license, insurance, and a registered and reliable set of wheels. Uber drivers set their own hours and only work when and where they want to, if you have a car working with Uber you would only do when you have time. You can drive a little, you can drive a lot, nevertheless you would be making extra money while your only potential concern is any wear and tear you put on your car and the extra maintenance that you might possible need performed on your car with the extra driving.

You Have A Skill That Others Are Looking For

Fiverr is a fairly new company that is an online community resource where people can sell their services. By using Fiverr any skill you have that may be of use to others you can make money off of by placing an ad to gain the attention of interested customers. For example, if you know how to draw really well or can play an instrument, someone in need of a visual or musical component in their business endeavors would be able to find and contact you through Fiverr. Best of all you do not even have to leave your home, just place your ad and wait to someone who could use your services contacts you, then all you have to do is what you already know how to do, draw them the picture they want or record the musical number they want to use and let the money roll in.

Have You Thought About Being A Teacher

There are a lot of people over there wanting to share all what they know. Sometimes is good to teach in a school or if you are really good maybe in a university, but let’s be honest; doing that you will be exchanging time for money, since you just have 24 hours per day, then your income is limited to that. But what would you think if you can teach thousands of people without spending a single second of your time. This is where UDEMY has been trying to help you to achieve in the last 5 years. UDEMY is a company created to allow you share your knowledge with the people and make money from that. How? Basically, you just have to create an online course, create some media resources about what you want to teach, some videos to make everything more clear to the students and that’s it. Udemy will help you to promote your course and you will get paid every time a user buy your course. Forget about boring routines in schools, this is something far way better. This is the sharing economy and you can take advantage of it.

These days you do not have leave your house or learn a new skill to earn an income, companies such as these match people up so that everybody is a winner and gets what they need, whether it be a little extra money, a ride home, or design services for a website.

What resources do you have that you think you could use in the sharing economy? A car? A couch? A single bed room? Do you know how to make delicious pan cakes? What are you waiting for?