Video Content

If you use internet often, chances are you’ve watched a video online. Whether it was a demo on using a given product, an inspiration piece or just a hilarious clip posted online, you probably found it much easier to follow along than if reading the same message in text. Many are business entities and companies have nowadays incorporated videos in their marketing campaigns to lure potential clients and you should too. If you aren’t using videos already, there’s every chance that your competitors have an edge and outsmart you in the market.

As the years role by, videos will account for more than 69 percent of all consumer internet traffic by the year 2017 according to findings by Cisco. As such, you start realigning your marketing strategies to ensure videos form the core part of your marketing campaigns so as to benefit from this shift. Specifically, here are 3 reasons why your company should use video content often. Read on.

Visitors gain a better understanding of your products.

Based on findings by Neil Patel, Quick Sprout founder, 74 percent of visitors who watch a demo video about a given product are likely to remember the product in question compared to a measly 12 percent if the demo was in form of written content on a web page. Put in another way, it’s easy to showcase your products strong points on a video than trying to do so with a word of mouth.

A video increases conversion rates.

The ultimate aim of any marketing strategy is to attract as many potential consumers and turn them into buyers. There’s no better way to improve your sales conversion rates than using a video. Consumers studies conducted by Eyeview showed that 40 percent of consumers who watch a video on a given product are most likely to place an order. Of these consumers, 37 percent will go ahead to recommend the products to others. You can’t afford to miss on such a prime selling opportunity by failing to incorporate a video in your marketing campaigns.

Easy to pack more content in a small space.

It has consistently been shown that internet users only skim through web page contents and are easily bored by large chunks of text. By using a mix of small blocks of text and a video is a sure-fire way to keep readers engaged. You can simply pack chunks of marketing messages within a short video without risking loosing your viewers to boredom. To allude to findings by Quick Sprout blog, there’s a 75 percent decrease in viewer opt-outs from a web page when a video is included in a web page, regardless of the text chunk. That’s why you should utilize such a maiden opportunity that allows you to exhaust all there is about your products by simply using a video as a marketing tool.

Today’s consumer is a visual thinker. As such, they are always on the look out for information that’s easy to understand and follow along such as videos. That’s why you should incorporate video contents in your marketing campaign to stay ahead of the competition.

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